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My sister told me that gaming forums are pointless...

Paul Lee

Well-Known Member
I agree. I use quite a few of them. Recently, I just see people trying to mock me, so maybe she had a point, and they harbor some not nice people...

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of the Jigglypuff Army
V.I.P Member
The only gaming forums I’m a part of focus on Pokémon. People who play Pokémon from what I’ve noticed are a bit more relaxed and open minded and not as negative as a whole. We talk about other games especially those published and owned by Nintendo.


V.I.P Member
I can't stand 99% of gamer culture, honestly. It's a matter of taste and finding your tribe, really.

I've been into the hobby for as long as I can remember. According to my parents, started at age 3 with the ancient Atari 2600.

And you know what...

...Yeah I cant stand much of the gaming community either.

As it is, even despite it being my main special interest, it's very rare that I actually discuss it with anyone. I might mention it on the forums here a bit, and sometimes I will talk about whatever on Steam (but not through Steam's forums, not unless I have questions about something).

Honestly it's frustrating. There's some aspects of "gamer culture" that I really like, but it's overshadowed by toxicity in too many cases. Or just overshadowed by idiocy... after all, big nasty groups like Activision wouldnt be able to get away with what they do if people stopped giving them money for it.


The Owl Lady
V.I.P Member
Gaming community can be very toxic. Overall, nerd communities can be extremely bad. ive had misogynistic comments, harassment and stalking behavior from certain males whilst playing games like Overwatch and WoW and only because I’m a female. It even went over onto the game forum for these games, sent multiple tickets but nothing was ever really Done in a satisfactory manner ie. Permanent ban was needed. very disappointing. I no longer play either game. Idon’t often talk about gaming either. I’ve been gaming since I was 7 And I rather play games solo rather than with others, or join forums for games again.

Paul Lee

Well-Known Member
I'm going to be retiring from message boards soon. To be honest, I was just in Tokyo Game Show mode. But now that's basically over. :)

I do like NeoGAF, though. The members there don't get out of line much. On other forums, I feel like my output isn't really appreciated. You just get those vibes after seeing some of the replies from a couple of the ignorant respondents.


V.I.P Member
What is "pointless"? As a Christian, the "point" is to glorify God. What is the "point" for non-Christians?

Knower of nothing

Well-Known Member
A lot of gaming discussion is deliberately shallow. Often done for no reason but to form camps and rag on each others' opinions. There's also a lot of apples and oranges type debates that go on forever and achieve nothing, like what genre is better. Most fun you can have talking about games is beating one with your friend and then discussing the experience. I usually recommend things I've played to them for this reason, I could already talk about it but it'd only get interesting if they've played too. It doesn't work as good online as you need at least a slight understanding of the taste of the person to understand where some opinions are coming from. Maybe this could be resolved if profiles on a forum made you include a top 10 favorite games and people can go read your reviews of things on your profile. Like MAL basically.

What is "pointless"? As a Christian, the "point" is to glorify God. What is the "point" for non-Christians?
The only point to all sentient thought I've ever found is to resolve harm. Seemingly abstract behavior like spiritualism or writing posts online about what the point is are complex expressions of this core motivation. I have a messy model to trace behaviors back through the complexity layers to this core. Helps understand why you do what you do.

Paul Lee

Well-Known Member
That Australian guy who pesters me, called me a bogan with a broken (or stolen) PS5. LOL.

The term "bogan" though isn't even used for Scottish people. I think he will have to try harder to penetrate my skin, down under. That's such a dumb thing to say.


Like Misery so often says, don't bother with GameFAQs. It may be more active than other forums, but the mental state of some of the users there leaves a lot to be desired. It gets tempting when you see how other sites pale in comparison with the activity, I know. But I requested the closure of my membership a while ago, because they were just wasting my time with their jive.

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