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Ronald Zeeman

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Did my stationary bike today, watching lectures on quantum mechanics undergraduate level lecture was on interpretation. of Bell's theorm after the recent Nobel Prize. got me reflecting, most physicists were not taught. This theorem even in graduate school. thought this was weird. years ago I was employed by a company which do to circumstance
early 1990's could hire the cream of the crop work force even hourly and they did I made a lot of new friends. I even found one very clever unemployed programmer we would go out to a bar just sit their and one day we spent hours discussing bell's theorm this is the key to moving physics ahead I knew that then. why I'M happy now That I went to college.
not university. This is the job where I got tested and found out that I have very unusual abilities. The phycologist who tested me was stunned. at my ability to visualizes. Years later I figured out I was on the spectrum.
For those who aren't aware: Bell's Theorem Bell's theorem - Wikipedia

"If [a hidden-variable theory] is local it will not agree with quantum mechanics, and if it agrees with quantum mechanics it will not be local."

Even within the realm of physics, context and perspective are important.
This theorem drove Einstein, really enjoy watching my latest great course. as the physics community comes to terms with it. We are at an inflection point much like when mathmagicians realized they needed zero, or negative numbers later complex numbers. Now more imagination is needed. As Thomas Kuhn stated a Paradyme shift in our thinking. To me absolute length does not exist. See my physics thread to see what I See.
Just watched a utube video on the black Scoles equation. remember discussing this with a friend fifteen years ago.
I have a real active mind.
Each time I go on the bike memories come back I remember the conversation with the phycologist years ago
She told me my visualization skills ae equivalent to normal student getting trained in doing this to the PHD level but Ido it innately. Heisenberg uncertainty principal Pauli exclusion principle and Einstein's special theory of relativity appear to me as common sense I remember in grade four the special theory was so obvious even Calculus was so obvious in grade six. Could not understand why these were such great achievements. Years of very bright people and all the heavy-duty math. When I left the hospital and got The DVD on information theory and found out who Claude Shannon I Had to try hard not to bite my Tongue how could others not see this so obvious. Each lecture it got worse I thought the professor was an idiot years from now he will kick himself so close but so far.
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I have not told any one other than my wife about this for thirty years, I was working at the Ford truck assembly plant, pick up trucks taking care of their zinc phosphate process setting up a reverse onus system. I was very successful
the long hours 2 shift operation getting called in on off hours and starting work 4;00 in morning as my process was the first to start got to me. I also missed working with the organic coating part of the process that came farther down where I had even greater expertise. I started to shop for another position. Saw a position for small painting shop painting plastic automotive parts applied for position was offered a quality managers position current production manager was doing both positions. Owner of company thought I was Gods gift to get a candidate of my caliber First day on job I was told biggest issue was paint chips coming of racks. took me few seconds to see what was happening issue with glass transition temperature. This really annoyed the production manager/quality manager as he could not resolve the issue. after a week in the position the Owner went on vacation. while he was gone the production manager called me into his office and told me my position was being terminated. I took his word excepted a severance package and left As an ongoing recession was happening getting another position was difficult. about a year later a head hunter phoned me and asked if I was offered my position back would I be interested I told him you can tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine. In total I was unemployed for two years managed to find another position at another small paint shop painting plastic parts for the Saturn automobile. learned how to control colour with various effects using a multi angle spectrophotometer great experience Left here after a couple of got position at coil line again. found out during this time that the production manager at the other painting shop had gotten fired probably for lying get me terminated. Took me years to figure out what had happened. I lived on wife-fair for two years I was so embarrassed this is the first time I have ever mentioned tis to any one other than my wife. I though this turkey had single handedly destroyed my career. As far as I can make out he may have destroyed his own I am well connected the story may have spread on its own.
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