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It's too cold outside.

If noone sells them, then I have a new business idea :)

I also tried with dried meal worms, they have not really been a hit to the birds in my garden, I have seen the blackbirds take some, but they like the sunflower seeds more. We don't have bluebirds here so I don't know what they eat.... looked at the internet to see what they look like, they are pretty :) and very clever they keep warm together, it must have been quite a sight seeing them leave the box together:)

The most common bird, feeding in my garden, is the tree sparrow, they come in groups.

We have lots of bluebirds here, year-round. They're insect eaters and, in average winter weather for this area, there are plenty of insects available. But when everything is frozen like now, there aren't any insects.

I found and ordered some birdbath heaters and some waterproof covers for the connection between the extension cords and the heater cords.

I was going to order a heater for the donkeys' water tank but hubby said it's no problem for him to break the ice in the tank every morning.
We have woodpeckers at the suet. Downy, Hairy, Red Breasted and Pileated. Those Pileated are large birds. The Chickadees love the sunflower seeds that they go hide for later, so its like a conveyor belt of Chickadees at the feeder sometimes.

The Pileateds remind me of prehistoric birds. We have lots of them here, too.
It’s been dipping into around the 20s where I live. We had a bunch of rain earlier this week, and that caused state shutdowns, because my state isn’t used to ice and snow. The interstate highway in my city was closed on Tuesday because officials didn’t want drivers causing accidents. Weather’s getting better now, but it’s still chilly.

Upside is, I’m a state worker, so I had an extra day and half off on top of being off for MLK Jr Day :smile:
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4 days in a row at -40°C/-40°F with wind chills at -55°C/-67°F, and now sitting at -22°C/-8°F and a wind chill of -28°C/-18°F for the past 3 days, I have little sympathy for most of you.
4 days in a row at -40°C/-40°F with wind chills at -55°C/-67°F, and now sitting at -22°C/-8°F and a wind chill of -28°C/-18°F for the past 3 days, I have little sympathy for most of you.
-40??? and then -28?

How do you survive?
It’s been a bit chilly today - dipped down to 28C. (Has been up around 35-37C, dewpoint 24C.) There’s been a fair bit of rain, partly due to the second cyclone of the season this month up north. Some nearby areas have been getting 200-300 mm in 24 hrs.
I was looking at the weather report for the next four days and those red numbers mean above freezing. :D So I'm pleased. It's snowing now but it will probably melt during the next few days so I don't have to shovel it.

The temp in my area keeps changing! Two weeks ago, there was quite a bit of snow on the ground and very cold and then last week the temperature suddenly shot up to about 65 degrees on Friday and it was so warm that you didn’t need a jacket or coat and then yesterday it went down to 35 degrees literally overnight and is the same today.
So, about we had a ~8 day spate of bitter cold that ended about 9 days ago, and now we are back to sunny days with highs of 12°C/54°F to 14°C/57.5°F....very strange for late January here.
Same here was able to take a walk for the last few days as 4 to 5 degrees Celsius lets me walk 2.5 kilometers.
strange winter. Main issue is slush on sidewalks.
In Edinburgh, it was super cold about a month ago, with slippery ice. I went up to the Straiton retail park feeling frozen.

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