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Is it possible to get pregnant during menopause

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My advice:

Don't tell either kid about the kinky stuff. I wouldn't even tell the older kid that the younger child might have been conceived by another man. That's a fast track to mental health problems. Kids like security. And they have no business knowing our private romantic or social lives. It's not good for them. Especially since 18 is still a kid, psychologically.
my boy is old enough to understand
More advice:

It is what it is, so embrace it. You have full permission to order four cheeseburgers, with a strawberry malt on the side. You get permission to wear clothes with extra loose waistbands, and lots of pretty tunics. Enjoy the shiny hair and glowing skin.
i will
i like looking beautifull
Drink lots of water. Doordashing Chinese Food at 2 am is a thing. Squirt, and really anything with grapefruit is so tasty when you're pregnant.
i dont want to put on much weight but my husband friend is cooking me nutricious meals
Get in with a good midwife or Dr. that cares about your vision for care and birthing. Doulas are freaking awesome.
they are monitoring me
Start shopping for supplies now. Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Walmart are all hecka cheap. Thrift stores are fun too.
sainsburys, pound shop, charity shops
You could even do a Target wish list and post it on social media, and friends would buy you fun stuff. I would.
im in england
You can even write to the companies, and they will send you samples of diapers, formula, baby food, etc, for free.
i dont need free supplies.we are coping financially
OMG BABY SHOWER!! i haven't been to one in a few years. They are always so fun. I have some great ideas.
a social party? No thanks
Enjoy every age and stage. Mazel tov.
thank you
i am aware of all that
the midwife i saw went through some of it with me

im under close care because of my age and because of my autism i need extra support
Wow, sorry to hear.
she has always been resentful towards me because she feels i have succeeded in life better than she has even tho im autistic and shes neurotypical
i suppose this has put the icing on the cake and is an excuse for her to wipe me out of her life now
never mind im not upset
it works differently in england
the man only pays child support if he isnt living with his kids but both his girls have left school now and are earning their own money

I knew the same, I was more so thinking if something changes.
I did think that maybe they are adults by now so a bit financially easier in his situation. How does the boyfriend feel about it?

I think you should take care of yourself and put some boundaries in place with letting your sister contact you and talk to you like that. You deserve to be loved and happy.
my sister wants nothing to do with me now
she thinks im despicable

but she has always been jealous of me

no loss to me
Makes sense to me. I would be thinking the same if she doesn't like me and can't stand me and the kinship is so toxic.
I had close friends and despite their opinion and us disagreeing they were able to accept how I am and our different lives and decisions. I think true friends will be able to accept it.
I dont really have friends but my husband and his friend do and they are their friends for life so i know they will understand.they also have family

my husbands friend got his heart broken by his ex wife so badly

both my son and husbands friends daughters are excited
my son has always wanted a brother or sister
Yeah there are always differences and similarities. There won't be another me in the world so I expect on many levels people will somehow be different and that's how human relations go.

But there is no need for aggression.
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