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Intense cravings for junk food currently.

Certainly I did.


Notable experience: sitting in friend's living room,
stripping down to undershirt because I was so warm,
being very talkative and easily amused, after a meal
of chocolate milk shake and french fries soaked in

I used to wake up feeling insects biting me. I'd turn on
the light, and there were no bugs.

Just withdrawal symptoms.
From sugar.

I don't use sugar any more.

The living room incident was in mid-winter. Everybody else
was comfortable in sweaters and sweat shirts.
I know something is very wrong when even Hot Pockets start looking good in my eyes. Nothing is more junky than Hot Pockets.
I'd probably pick up some of those on the way to the Little Debbie stockpile.

Seriously though, the Silian Pizza might be on the right track. I've been keeping 20 lbs. off (weight loss is not a special interest, but it's been a serial special expertise). I do best on a high-fat diet. I'm not kidding about this: If I have 3 strips of bacon (about 180 to 200 calories) for breakfast, and nothing else, I'm good until well after noon. If I have a breakfast full of carbs (700 or 800 calories), I'm starving by 11 a.m. The fat sticks with you and the carbs don't. Most people intuitively do just the opposite.

Of course this won't work if you have a susceptibility to dietary fats. It so happens I don't (coronary calcium score of zero after 7 decades). Using the high-fat breakfast trick, I managed to skip a lot of lunches.
You know you want to. ;)

I am craving beer and Hot Pockets.

So now I am drunk and eating junk food.

I am sorry to disappoint everybody here.

I had two good local friends. One is now dead and the other one is now too busy taking care of his mother in law to hang with me. I have no friendly social connections these days outside of mere phone calls:

I want to die.
I am dreaming of frozen pizza, Doritos, Mountain Dew, Popeye chicken, chips and queso, microwave burritos, spiced curly fries, jo jos, anything tasty that is horrible for my health, I am dreaming about it right now.
Based on recent research:
Carbs cause the blood sugar to spike.
This in turn causes the creation of excess insulin.
This in turn creates a drastic reduction of blood sugar.
Low blood sugar causes cravings.
Reduce your carb intake to reduce the cycle. :cool:
I used to buy chargrill chickens all the time, but not had one for long enough.

Well, I notice Gregg's is always busy. But my local one is open at half 6 in the morning during the week.

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