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I hate customer satisfaction surveys

Nervous Rex

High-functioning autistic
V.I.P Member
If I take my car to the shop, go to the grocery store, book store, electronics store, bank, restaurant - pretty much anywhere now - they want me to fill out a customer service survey.

It's always high pressure - "We're looking for a rating of 10/10." I also know that a lot of them get docked or get low performance ratings if we don't give them the highest possible score, and rating them based on that makes the survey completely meaningless.

So I never do the surveys. I don't care if it gets me into a sweepstakes drawing for $1,000 (I don't believe I'd win that anyway). I just don't want to be bothered. If I like the product or service, I'll be back. If I don't like it, I won't be back.

The worst are my bank and the dealership that I take my car to for repairs and maintenance. They email me. Over and over. I get something like 5 emails from them every time I go in. "How was our Service?" (I delete it). "Reminder: Please fill out our survey!" (I delete it). "We're still waiting!" (I delete it). I don't understand how they think a 5th email is helpful and not incredibly annoying.

Can I please just buy something and then be left alone?
I got one from my dentist last week.

I was willing to give them the information, but
not willing to have my name posted on-line next to
my evaluation.

So, I didn't do it.
They know I will keep going there.
I even recommend the place to people I talk to
who need dental treatment.
I got one from my dentist last week.

I was willing to give them the information, but
not willing to have my name posted on-line next to
my evaluation.

So, I didn't do it.
They know I will keep going there.
I even recommend the place to people I talk to
who need dental treatment.

You'd think dentists of all people would know the drill. :rolleyes:
I don't fill out those surveys, either, unless I am so PO'd by the product or service that I use the opportunity to make my dissatisfaction known.
I do sometimes fill out private ones for stores.
I won't if the survey requires my name to be posted on-line.

I want to do one for the grocery clerk at the store from this weekend.
He was fun.
A dentist's survey? I'd be tempted to leave my name as "Zachary Smith".

Merely citing, "Oh the pain- the pain!"

Seriously, real dental work is something to be assessed over time. Not simply when you leave a dental chair.

Otherwise they're likely to get a comment like this: "Oh, the crown looked great, although it was too big in consideration of my own occlusion. Plus it snapped off like a twig when I bit into a deli sandwich about a week later." (Sadly none of this is an exaggeration. It really happened to me.)
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These dental practices clearly have gotten involved with marketing programs. The minute you put an email address on your dental records, you get enrolled. You will regularly be sent marketing emails and these damn surveys. It's all automated, it's not like Dr. Johnson decided to contact you that day. All an automated program.

I was getting a survey after every single purchase from a CBD and other supplements store. If I didn't respond, I'd get multiple follow-up emails and texts. I finally complained to the owner of the store, and he kindly unenrolled me in that.

Always check at the bottom of the email for an "unsubscribe" link.
I don't do them either. I wouldn't mind, if everyone and their brother wasn't asking me to do it. One survey once in a while, SURE! One survey for every company or individual I've ever dealt with? Um...no.

When I'm on the phone for an hour and they want me to stay on the line longer for "a brief survey" CLICK!!!!

And docking peoples' pay etc for survey results (unless it's a lot of survey results) is just dirty. Not the agent's fault that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
They often do telephone surveys here, for businesses and services we use. Soon after, often the same day, the service person leaves and the phone rings with an automated survey. Usually give a good review, as most of the people are good at their jobs. When they are not, I usually say so.
Once a repairman came to look at our furnace, and he did absolutely nothing. When the bill came in, we didn't pay it. The small local company called and asked why, we said 'he did nothing for half an hour'. They were fine with that and didn't insist that we pay the bill. Were still using that same company.
I am on the customer service line but l dont ask people to rate me, lol. But l try to be the best l can be for that short space in time.
It's from an old tv series, Lost in Space.
Lost in Space - Wikipedia

Skip to one minute 40 seconds if all you really want to hear and see is the first time he utters the line.
I don't like them either. But if someone does something 'out of their way' while doing their job, I think recognition is a nice thing back. Working night shift at a hospital, they always mail out the survey for patient or family member to fill out. Day shift nurses, who are there when families are there get credit. I always called our night shift 'the hidden shift'. But also, while in home health, I had a patient send a letter to my boss appreciating the way I handled his needs. That did make me feel pretty good and I'll always remember the letter and the patient.
Well, I just completed the US 2020 Census questionnaire. Relatively painless compared to most any customer service survey regarding a product or service.

I printed out the pdf document that cites that I completed the survey. So if some bozo shows up asking to interview me, I can hand him this paper and tell him to have a nice day and get lost.
Can't say I like them either. I only fill them in two cases: 1) if I really liked the service; and 2) if I really hated the service. The first to let others now that it's good. The second to make sure no other will ever use the service (and 'shoot themselves in the foot' by doing it).

Don't care about draws, 'we're a little company and your feedback would help us so much's and multiple 'we're repeating the same stuff' emails. Every single one is the same. If I like it, I will come back to you. If I hate it, I will come back to others. Simple as that.
My response is the same as onlything, having worked in retail i get that if the service is bad most or perhaps some people will complain, the compliment side often gets ignored and for one employer customer compliments were a big deal.
in University i used to think all surveys especially medical ones would be sent to the government and sold to corporations... i dont think thats true but i still dont like surveys and avoid them if i can.

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