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How often do you wear earbuds/headphones/earmuffs?

but I realized that literally no one cares at all, a good chunk of people walk around wearing AirPods in public so let me use my earbuds or earplugs then.
Yeah, that's what I think about it as well. Plenty of people in earbuds everywhere. It's really noisy in many places, so it makes sense. Traffic, public transport, shopping malls.

Even if there is not a lot of outside noise that I would consider loud, I wear them because it cuts down on sensory stimulus and I am less tired when I get home.
Same. And it seems like lately whenever I go out of home there is an ambulance or police driving on signal or something similar happens unexpectedly. Another one I can think of is tooting. Some motorcycles, trucks and buses are quite overloading too.

Tbh my hearing is useless regardless when it comes to being aware of surrindings. It's probably even more distracting than giving me useful information... But yeah, the Loops Quiet reduce the sound quite a lot, I would have a difficult time hearing conversations too, I'd have to look into ones that quiet things down less. Tbh I didn't expect that, because no earplugs or earbuds ever worked that much for me ever before. Much noise got in regardless.
I wear them when I need to unwind. Ironically I feel most relaxed when I'm in a busy, vibrant place but the noise is too much. If I need to unwind I go somewhere busy, put my headphones in with noise cancelling, and do some puzzles from a book. You tend to get dickheads trying to start something, but I usually answer with "just doing the crossword mate".

Around people but not interacting with people is my way of socialising.
I wear in ear monitors at least 16 hours per day (or more). They are part of a custom hearing aid. My hearing issue is not hearing loss, it is neurological cross-wiring in the brain - a birth defect. The hearing aid has custom electronics to fit my hearing. It is very high fidelity.

When sounds become intolerable I can just turn it off and leave the monitors in, blocking all sounds. That turns out to be a great benefit!
I bought some earbuds back in March and have been wearing them almost any time I leave the house. At home I use my PlayStation headset as headphones when I'm listening to music on my PC, phone or really old mp3 player because the bass is really good in them and they sound much better than my previous headphones.
ear plugs to sleep

NC headphones (over ear) about 90% of the time in my house
Music or YT is on them about 50% of that time
The rest of the time I wear them because they're comfy
The NC doesn't really work so I don't use them for that

In the car: Very loud music on the car stereo

In public: I keep earplugs in my bag but very rarely use them
I'm a little paranoid about not being aware of my surroundings
I'm hyper-vigilant about risk so I want to hear what's around me
I also think I'd dissociate if I wore headphones with music in public
Probably not a good thing ^.

I do wear my headphones with music at night when I walk my dog
He'd hear any danger before I'd need to
I need to get me some because the neighbors upstairs drive me nuts. I also get very annoyed at the gym when people are being too loud, whistling or singing with their headphones on.

I have issues with nerves in my head and ears so earplugs can trigger pain. Noise cancelling headphones would probably be best.

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