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Knower of nothing

Well-Known Member
This is a nonsense vent ramble, don't mind it. Publicized for effectiveness.

The necessity for the rhetoric around hard work and creating value makes sense to me. But when constantly confronted with peace and the effortless achievement I can't really play along with the idea. Work hard to warp the contours of your environment to your liking, but only so that the next resident will see your unsuitable decorations and wipe the slate clean once more.

The strive and the struggle is self-serving, so too is rest. The engine thrown full of fuel and set alight isn't struggling to generate motion; it's in fact the easiest course of action. Effortless action is most action. Struggle is more an experience of friction than it is true obstacle. Have you ever taken position and pushed with full force against a solid wall? It's different from pushing a wall your body knows could move. It's different. And it does not frustrate.

Exhaustion is not limitation. Resignation is not the end. I think the human capacity is something simpler, something that can't be properly expressed through goals. All expressions of the inner world dramatize and thus diverge from what it is. It may be cleaner in there than our expressions let on. So no more of the glorifying of the struggle, of the fraudulent notion of a linear relationship between strife and the nobility of the action. Life is not a videogame. It is not about overcoming. Overcoming overcomes you. Sometimes.

While hibernating I realized I still move and create as if I wasn't. While resting I achieved. And without struggle I overcame.


Staff member
V.I.P Member
A bit on the zen side, it seems.

What does "Effortless action is most action." mean?

Knower of nothing

Well-Known Member
It's just awkward grammar from my ESL brain. Most action is effortless action. I notice that you can cover vast distance by piling up individually neglible steps and that most of these steps don't even need to be considered before taking them. I can tell this body used to run before me and my intelligence were put in it.

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