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Have you ever been told you had a demon?

People have an interest in mediumship, as they may believe loved ones are still present. Bible passages state this is going against God's rules, and is also dangerous, with the people practicing this branded as evil and to be stoned to death.

It is also fake, at times. They usually just guess things, or research your life before you see them.
Bible passages state a lot of things. None of them relevant to humans now.
Nobody has ever told me I have a demon. But for other conditions like my Anorexia they think it's well it's not from God and it's not, some of it is as it is connected to my senses but it is more on top of it with Anorexia the behaviours like weighing etc that's anxiety for me as well but a normal behaviour as well. Well, it has behaved like a demon a bit it has killed some people but I wouldn't call it that it's no entity but I have wondered at times. It can talk as well. It used to insult me and bully me so much in my 20s cause me to bang my head at least once and called me fat non stop and it hounded me to exercise hours a day and more and acting like a slave driver. It has stolen joy that God wanted to give to me. Now it is still extreme but the name calling has reduced. Wondered where it has gone to sometimes. But my parents have gone to lenghts to get rid of it. I was taken to a deliverance at least five at one point and it annoyed me and the NHS didn't agree with it. I had a small animal sacrifice carried out against my wishes and my clothes was destroyed and this was carried out by a family member. There was oracles and sand again I don't agree with that and know God will not answer that. I have not wanted it to go so God has never responded to them fully. My family member was exhausted after me having an ed since 14 and I was 40 then but now 51.

Demons used to really frighten me and I avoided hearing anything about it.
Autism well it is more recent in my family for me and my parents have never heard of it so don't see as a demon.
I don't mind deliverances that don't exhaust a person and that go along with the word of God and the New Testament. Clearly blood animal offerings and using sand is not for God.

I admire Thersa of Avila, she is a saint. I loved it when I read she loves holy water as the demons hate it more than the cross of Jesus. I ask for Holy water at times, just to bless it and used it in my home and used it for me just for spiritual refreshment.
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My family was aware I had (and still have) mental illnesses and stuff. They still support me and even if I acted out (anger and frustration outburst. Never physically at others! But verbally...) as soon as my head got clearer I apologized. (Not wanting them to think my behaviour is their fault.)(but since things happen...other family members dont seem to understand this as well today...life got difficult. I guess only my mom understood me enough. Shes gone now, so im basically just a "lazy angry freak" now and not a "human" anymore.)

Well, but even knowing im just having stress and depression, my mom still sometimes felt like Im fighting some sort of demon, that keeps me from going forward...which was not really helpfull, because I constantly developed myself and knew that im still going forward, even if I sometimes fell back, I still got better. No matter how slow it was.
Its just... my sudden outbursts, which get triggered my misunderstanding me and me constantly begging to just start listening and trusting me... uhm...
In short, my sudden "mood changes"/"-irrational- anger" and frustration that exploded because it was just too much piled up, made it seem for others, as if Im posessed by something evil that keeped tearing me down and let me explode.

From the outside it must haved looked like that. But from the inside it was clear that it was a reaction to the outside and the misunderstanding of howI I function as a human being. (That has autism, which means I react faster/slower to certain things then others do.)

My mother never said it out f menace, but out of worry and love for me.
No matter how much I assured her that Im fine and just need some distraction and time to calm down. The demon thing never really left her mind. Until she died.
I dont feel possed by a supernatural being, but by my frustration and hate that build up my entire life. Hate feels sickening, its horrible. The thing is... no matter how happy i am, the hate gets build up again and again as soon as others start to compare me to others again.
Uts a constant battle. And i havent learned yet to not value the words of my loved ones if its harmfull to me.
They dont mean harm, they are just worry and dont trust me at all.
Hard conditions to learn to accept oneself. There are alot of verbal fights.
Somehow i feel like a demon that terrorizes the ones i love. I try so hard to change, but to still be who i am... its not easy if one is the only one to care. Why do i love my idiots that lack insight.
Well, im weak for idiots. But its such a pain in the aaaaaa-

Ah. There is something else too.
There was a weird Lady that called my mother a satan. Which made me oddly happy, because in my opinion a satan isnt an entity that tries to wreck you, but to test you, dedicated to god (whatever people see as god. The universe, or some perfect being or belief system, not important!!!)
And to think, to be a spawn of that meaning, to be kinda one myself was magnificent to me. (Except that my mom felt hurt by that statement of this mean delusional lady. My mom was an angel! Kindest woman I ever knew!)
I like to test the thoughts of people, to see how open minded they can be. And if they are just doing what other tells them to do, or if they decided on their own, what to think and do. Its interesting tk see if they get annoyed and accuse you to be evil (even tho you just keep asking questions and watching their reaction!).
To watch them. To see. If they do or not.
Not mindlessly following what an old book or random religion says, but to understand the message and its meaning. To see if they are able to grasp whats really important, or not.

(I have a hard time to indentify if im religious or not. Because in my own way im probably very religious. But im not religious the way some weirdos are. Weirdos who discriminate and hate, just because they believe in an outdated book that was written and abused and manipulated by some people, who some might had ulterior intentions, written for some people for several reasons. Some might good some not.
lm not stupid enough to hate someone just because hes somehow 'different' then the "pseudo average" or me. Im not discriminating others just because a book tells me too for unspecified reasons, which is so old one can interpred it how they want, even in way that are forbiden. Thats nuts. At least to me its nuts. I have a brain, i like to use it.) (Ps.: im pretty sure those super conversative christians have no idea that they (the ones that get mastruations) have to offer a sacrifice everytime their periods are over. Its writen in the bible. In Levicus.
And when a guy shoots his goo hes considert unclean at least for a day and has to take a bath. Its the rule. Theres sooo much weird stuff in it <some, im sure out of hygenic and medical stuff, is to prevent infectious diseasses, like HIV or TB. well they basicaly say that out right.> like not sitting on the same chair as a woman on her periods...cuz its uncleaaaaaan!!! Its kinda a stretch, but there were older times. They just saw some things and assumed and were sometimes close and sometimes not.
But at least they tried.

... but those converative today are all over the place acting like the bible is the only truth, but they dont even do the stuff thats written in it. Dudes, if you want to be so weirdly commited, to be such annoying, discriminating, irrational people, then commit to the weird menstruation and men goo stuff tooo. And dare not to have fun in the bed in the adult way unless you do a child. CUZ THIS IS LUST. so its a baddie sin.
and you want to be a good sheep...<i apologize for the ridicule. Im just so feed up with their selectivness and weird stubborness. it makes sooo not sense. >)

..oh theres also alot that hints on to prevent psychological problems in the bible, and so. Its actually quit interesting to read religious books to look at it in a medical and psychological way...im drifing away from the topic again.

Well... in short.
Im human. Not demon.
Was called demon.
Indirectly also called a spawn of satan, which fits in the old meaning of the word. (Not the evil warped version of meaning today!)

....I also was called a goblin at one point as child, for some reason. ...no, I have no idea why.
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My sister had a few in her flat and it had to be blessed. A priest was informed and she noticed them, so she cast them out.

Apparently, a previous tenant used to play with a witch board. How scary is that?

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