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Fun Facts about The SCP Foundation

Joshua the Writer

Very Nerdy Guy, Any Pronouns
V.I.P Member
Number One: In most versions of the SCP wiki (the exceptions being the Russian and Chinese translated sites), the original SCP logo is filled in with various pride flags, even if it's not June. When it's not June, the effect is usually either randomized or only appears on the "SCP Tales."
Screenshot (1065).png

SCP logo filled in with the standard pride flag, but with black and brown segments to represent people of color
Screenshot (1064).png

SCP Lesbian pride flag.
In the SCP tale, "Over(thinking) the Rainbow" one SCP researcher, named Dr. Gears, thinks that either an AI SCP or a regular human hacker hacked into their database and replaced the original logo with the "pride" versions. After noticing this, he calls another researcher, Dr. Alto Clef for help. However, Clef just tells Gears, “Gay pride, Gears, gay pride. The rainbow in the logo is to show our support for our non-heteronormative employees.” I reccomend you go read the full story, because there is more to it than just that.

Number Two: SCP-173 became the first ever SCP when it was posted to 4Chan back in 2007. Its visual design also came from a Japanese artist, who eventually allowed the SCP wiki to use it as they wish, as long as it is for non-profit reasons. SCP-173 is also basically the mascot of the SCP Foundation.
Yeah, 173 is... special. Lots of crazy things in the database, but none of them quite match up to that. Also that thing is enormous. The original sculpture is very tall.

Someone recreated a bit of the Containment Breach game in SteamVR, and one of the rooms you can go into is 173's containment chamber. I tell you: it's freaky when it's on your screen, it's utterly horrifying when it's OUT of the screen and RIGHT THERE. It's just as big as the real one.

That particular VR map isnt complete, and I dont think 173 is active in it yet (as in, it's there, but it just stands there and isnt ready to move yet regardless of whether you're looking at it or not) but I still nope'd out of there pretty fast. Which is quite rare for me.

If that place had done what it does at the start of the main game (lights go out as the breach happens, naturally it occurs when you're in the room, because of course it does, but it doesnt kill you for... reasons, I dont know why. It'll happily murder you later though), I'd have jumped out of my socks.

On a side note, fan art of that thing gets... weird. Sometimes, I wonder what drugs artists in various fandoms are on, and then conclude that they are on all of them.
On a side note, fan art of that thing gets... weird. Sometimes, I wonder what drugs artists in various fandoms are on, and then conclude that they are on all of them.
Not just 173, let's just say that many animal SCPs have been adopted by the furries.

Also, there is an SCP that turns people that aren't already furries into the worst type of furry imaginable.
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