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FOOD cartoons


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Don't gorillas eat insects, larvae, etc? I didn't think they were literally vegan.

Just like deer. Most people don't realize they're omnivores and are known to eat mice, minnows/small fish, etc.
Actually, all animals eat things their anatomy is not optimized for. Yes, gorillas do eat some insects, famous for termites, but that is not ideal for their anatomy. Anatomically, they are herbivores. Just like horses are herbivores with an anatomy for digesting grass, but unavoidably, they also get a few insects -which does not gain them any health benefits. It is never accurate to determine what an animals digestive anatomy is best suited for by observing what they eat in the wild. It is actually very common to find humans eating things that are harmful to their health.

By the way, all animals makes their own protein from amino acids plus a few other elements. Carnivores have to break down meats into the base elements and then reconstruct the protein by their own genetic code. A very complex process. Unfortunately, no process is 100% efficient. Notice that the most powerful land animals are all herbivore, such as the hippo - yes far more powerful than a lion or tiger. Like a horse, the hippo eats grass. Also note that the established unit of measure of power is the "horse power", because throughout history, the horse was used for its power and stamina.

When asked how he could become as strong as an ox without eating any meat, Patrik Baboumian replied, "have you ever seen an ox eating meat?" I saw Patrik in an interesting documentary, "The Game Changers".
It's on Netflix.

Sorry, I think that is all too much. I don't want to get into a argument and I realize that diet is a very, very sensitive subject. So, I'll just be quiet now.

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