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eBooks vs Paper Books

Reading: eBooks vs Paper Books

  • I prefer reading eBooks

    Votes: 6 19.4%
  • I prefer reading Paper Books

    Votes: 19 61.3%
  • I don't have a preference

    Votes: 5 16.1%
  • I don't read books

    Votes: 1 3.2%

  • Total voters
I have a confession to make:

At work, we have a particular book in stock, that happens to be a limited edition--I was shocked to find it here at all!--and everywhere I look, I can only find it from certain vendors...even the publisher no longer has it in stock. One day I opened it up, read one of the stories in it (it's a collection of stories and poems by my favorite fantasy author, Catherine Valente), almost broke down crying like a baby, and immediately thought, "I NEED THIS." Problem is, it's $40, so even with my generous discount, that comes down to about $28 with tax, and I simply do not have that kind of money right now. So I broke protocol and bought the Kindle version for $5.

Maybe one day it will be re-released.
I like them both. I would usually prefer the paper version, but if I can't get it I'll happily deal with the e-version. I'm not fussy, I just love words :hibiscus:
It is better for me to have paper books because my eyes begin to hurt and I get headaches if I stare at a screen too long. I love the feel of actual books in my hands...One thing I can say about ebooks is that it allows me to carry my book collection wherever I go. If I tried to do that with my paperback collection, I would have one of the world's worst backaches.
I'm a self-confessed eBook junkie, mostly because of space constraints. I like how I can have an entire library on my Kindle, and don't have to lug anything heavy about with me if I want to read when I'm out. Also, I like having a clutter-free living space because it reduces my anxiety levels twofold; I don't own a lot of anything, books or otherwise.
So... most of you, folks, like paper books... I guess this is for all the paper book lovers :)


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I love paper books. The smell, the feel, the library, my overcrowded bookshelf. But, the month where I carried the Mists of Avalon in my purse did a number on my shoulder, so I've learned to love my Kobo and I've found a lot of books on Kobo that I wouldn't have found otherwise.
I love both equally! There are advantages and disadvantages to both too though..
Nook: I can read my Nook in the dark, I live in the dark; I have an extensive library of all my favourite SciFi authors and there're so many available for free; it takes up no space; I can carry it anywhere. However, I daren't read it in the bath in case I drop it; if it goes flat when I'm out.. Grrr!!!; if it breaks down, 'gutted' doesn't even come close!
Book: The cover designs; the smell and feel of books; being able to bookmark relevent pages; enjoying the look of a cherished collection on the shelf! However, they cost so much, used ones miss pages (I sooo hate that); read a good, thick tome too many times, the spine cracks and all the pages fall out!

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