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Do you have a favorite spatula?

This question opened up a whole new category of questions. Favourite spoons, slotted spoons, chopping knives, paring knives, peelers. I could go on and on, but I won't. Don't want to derail.
Permission granted to branch out, go for it.
When my son (who likes to cook) needed one, I gave him a choice between three "eligible spatulas..."

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Yes. I have a favourite Spatula...
his name is Scott.
Scott Spatula.
Ooops, I mean Bakula. :oops:
I am an NCIS New Orleans fan and every week I say let's watch Spatula!
Sorry, Mr. Bakula, but, that's my long standing nickname for you.
Spatula - Wikipedia
I never call the flippers that I use, spatulas.

"A turner or flipper is one kind of spatula, specifically designed to be good at turning (or flipping) things over.

So it’s fine to call your pancake-inversion device a turner, or a flipper, but neither is the “correct” term. Just like it’s fine to call your keytar or your harpsichord a keyboard instrument, but not all keyboard instruments are keytars..."
Kitchen Tools 101: Is It a Spatula, a Turner, a Flipper, or What?
My favorite spatula is one that I got for "free" when I bought some ham at the grocery store. Then my roommates accidentally melted part of it, but thankfully the store still sold the exact same type.
I bought a new spatula last week simply because I couldn't find the other two, although I'm sure they'll turn up eventually, or at least one of them will.
When I lived in a community home years ago, I remember once at suppertime the peas and carrots would be swimming in water along with the rest of the food on my plate, so I showed everyone the slotted spoon and remarked what a simple yet genius invention it was, because it let the water through so your food wouldn't be drowned.

Or maybe I just politely suggested they used the slotted spoon for next time, I don't really remember.
My wife recently read a post somewhere online that everyone has a favorite spatula. Is this true? If so let me know.

Actually I do have a favorite, which I bought at a garage/sidewalk sale.


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