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Do we share anecdotes?


Utterly obssessed/uninterested
-Have you ever been told you look psyco trying to calm yourself?
It happened....a month ago, when somebody singed for a while "I Will Survive" (the specific songs that melts me down). I started going anxious and I began to shiver. I covered my ears and...well, a classmate said: "Dude, that's psyco". It...ha, made me laugh for a while.
- Have you ever been asked if you were genius and at the same time retarded?
Well, it happens to me, when we are talking about languages or human communication, I know everything about them. In fact, I also like memorizing things, complicated ones, sometimes useful, sometimes not. (Like The Periodic Table or "Alphabet Aerobics"). But sometimes, I just don't understand if I am supposed to answer to something or not in certain way.
-Have you had special configurations?
Hypersensibility. I've been trying so hard to hide it, but it is just too complicated to write with pen without breathing. Today, the teacher got me out of the classroom because she thought I was making "faces" to her, when I was just suffering of smells. o_O:eek::confused: (like those)
- Pretending to be normal, and failing
I am writing this because I just realized how difficult it is to act like someone else. Somebody could say that I don't go to parties because I am a super introvert, but it's because I find it so exhausting to be like someone else. Socializing is terrible for me. I don't concentrate in what I am being told, there's a lot of distraction everywhere, and sometimes I fail so hard answering because of this.
Here, in my new school, people know about autism, and I am not sure if it's bad or good for me. Recently, a classmate started talking about it (they aren't supposed to know that I have AS) in front of me. At recess, I suggested my autism as a fact, and they stared at me for some time, until Larissa, said her cousin had it. I don't know what that meant, it was just a fact for me, not an opinion.
So? Do we share something? Wait till the new list if you identify.:grin:

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