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The Penguin

Chilly Willy The Penguin
Out of all the toys that exist out there, I consider construction sets as my favorite type of toy. There many different type of construction offered by many brands. Everyone should be very filmier with the Lego brand.

The first Lego line I like a lot of Technic. This line been around since 1977. I like the fact you can build vehicles and other type of machinery with motors and pneumatics.


The second Lego line I like is Mindstorms. It taking Technic to a new level of adding a computer brick you can program to do many different things like a real robot. It can also control motors, pneumatics, read temperatures, sensors and more.


Other Lego line interest me to but the two I listed above I like the most.

The next brand of contraction sets I like Meccano though some others might know it as Erector Set. I first learned about these sets during my childhood watching the movie The Sandlot.

I did tried a 3rd party brand of this set but the quality is horrible so I decided next time I will be the real thing.


K'NEX I found was very interested when it came out during 1992. I have never owned a set, but I do remember the ads during my childhood. When I was in Stockholm about 15 years ago, I did saw a very interesting display of K'NEX at The National Museum of Science and Technology


Nanoblock is something new I learned about when my best friend gave me this for Christmas last year. I decided to research about the brand after I received gift and learn they have a lot of interesting sets. I feel like collecting more in the future. Tomorrow I'm going to build what shown below.


I'm interested learning what construction sets interest you?
All of the above. I love to go into the Lego shop we have and just marvel at all the sets they have. Unfortunately, they are rather on the expensive side, and my husband always says "but where will you put it when you've built it"....yes ok he has a point, but my only thought is how much I want to build them.

My sister's friend went to South Korea last year, and brought her back some sets similar to the nanoblock sets. They are very much not officially licensed, and the "Yoda" is tiny bricks, but the "Toad" is like...weird slot together pieces.

20170115_103438.jpg 20170115_103430.jpg

Anyway, my sister made a very pathetic attempt at building one and then gave up and gave them to me because she knew I would love them. I completed them both in under an hour, and sent her pictures. She couldn't understand how I managed it :rolleyes:
Well it's my Niece's 6th Birthday on Tuesday, so I bought her a Lego Friends set, not an expensive one mind, cos her Dad (my Brother) doesn't like it when I spend a fortune on either of the kids, he's trying to teach them the value of loot.
My cousin was a huge K'NEX fan and he probably still is, and I remember he once built a large steam engine without any instructions! He went on to study mechanical engineering later in life.
My cousin was a huge K'NEX fan and he probably still is, and I remember he once built a large steam engine without any instructions! He went on to study mechanical engineering later in life.

I always wanted the K'NEX ferris wheel when I was younger. They had a massive one in the window of a local toy shop for years.
Ah, a real-life Minecraft!

I used to love to build with Legos a lot! Gave them away to a family with two kids several years ago because I simply ran out of room to keep them. I'd definitely love to start a collection again!
I was thinking more physical constructions sets. However, there is LEGO Minecraft so Minecraft can still count.

I meant real-life Minecraft, metaphorically speaking. lol. Anyways, I can also add K'Nex to my wishlist. I used to have the 3-foot tall Ferris Wheel model as a kid, but I liked building other stuff with the pieces.
Big fan of Lego and pick up the odd set from time to time. I can't take them apart though once built [I'm the same with jigsaws] so space starts to become an issue. I wish I had got the Fallingwater house from the Architecture series as that is well expensive now [£200 on ebay]. Also like the nanoblock range and have some pokemon ones to build.
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