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Confidence, masking, and general weirdness


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So, you didn’t know then, you are aware of it now, but here’s your chance to learn much more.

Spend some time learning about the history of people who identify as transgender and the struggles they have faced and the challenges they have overcome. Read the experiences of people who are transgender but also very similar to you, people you can identify with and show more compassion toward. It could be fascinating and interesting to you to realize that there is a huge population of people out there who are fighting to simply be themselves in a society that has been cruel and unkind. This is our chance to change that and to stop this fear that trans people can have to simply say I am who I am. Many of us got to do that without a fight and everybody deserves at least this much.

I don't have anything against particular persons, i just think the whole idea shouldn't be promoted, less among kids, and gender ideology is bad in general imo.


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I don't have anything against particular persons, i just think the whole idea shouldn't be promoted, less among kids, and gender ideology is bad in general imo.
Again, I must highlight your misinformation. I’m trying very hard to objectively analyze your comments because I refuse to bring a fight into Misery‘s thread, but you keep bringing further evidence that a response is necessary.

To say “the whole idea shouldn’t be promoted” trivializes the experience of people who are transgender. It is not an idea that is being promoted. It is a way that people have felt for a long time throughout the history of human existence. It is a complex social problem that has been denied for many generations because of the unreasonably fearful response of a cisgender public. People have suffered because of this.

So, I will go back to love and compassion and implore you to think about your words here. This is your chance. This is your chance to learn. Don’t listen to me, clearly you don’t want to, but read all the post above and see the humanity there. See the depth of the problem, please. This is not some fad that just showed up in our lifetime. This is your chance to open your mind and your heart and understand something better than you already do. We all have things that we can learn in this life and newness is scary, but it is real and it is there. If the idea of people being transgender is new to you, give it time and try to get more comfortable with it. We are just talking about humans who want to be themselves.


V.I.P Member
I don't have anything against particular persons, i just think the whole idea shouldn't be promoted, less among kids, and gender ideology is bad in general imo.

I'm going to mostly echo what @Rodafina said here, but I want to say a bit myself too.

Here's a question: would you say this very thing about, say, someone's sexuality? Or, here's a better analogy: Would you say that line related to autism?

The reason I say this is because gender identity shares one very, very specific trait with both sexuality and autism: IT IS NOT A CHOICE.

I promise you this: Nobody would choose to be this way. Nobody suddenly goes "Gee golly, I could use some more utter torment and mental anguish in my life, I think I'll be trans now" or whatever.

And, simply "deciding" to do it wouldnt work in any case. It's not like, say, choosing a color of paint for your room. In the case of that, you simply reason it out... what color fits best for this specific room? You dont pull out an already existing color from inside of the bloody wall using wacky magic.

Someone being transgender, or gay, or autistic, whatever... those things are inherent. You cannot simply add them to someone that does not have those traits... it doesnt work like that. You can only bring the knowledge of that trait to the surface of realization with someone who ALREADY has those traits deep inside. And note, "realization" does not mean "activation". It's not like the transgender aspect lies dormant, inactive, unless someone says the magic word. It is always on. It always was on. It always will be on. It cannot be turned off. But until "realization" occurs, it will not be understood, and will thus be even more torturous. I speak from experience here.

I promise you this: if your kid (or any given kid) is not ALREADY transgender deep inside without ever so much of having heard the word... no amount of talking about it around them will make them so. The idea that it would do so is a myth, generally pushed around by bigots with an agenda of hate. Just like how some people believe a similar thing about autism (yes, really, there are those who think someone can "catch" it if they hear too much about it).

Note that, if that trait is present deep inside, they absolutely still will experience that torment even if they've never heard of the concept and thus dont realize it is in them. They dont have to know what it is, or that it is there, for it to make their life into a living nightmare.

And before you or anyone says it: No, there is no such thing as a transgender "trend". It's not trendy to be this way. That's another frankly stupid myth. The reason the amount of people in this category is rising is simply because more and more knowledge is gained (and thus, understanding of the condition... and knowledge that someone has it... can now be reached. In other words, it is now possible to "diagnose" more easily, so to speak). And also because, over time, just like with homosexuality more and more people are coming around to a point of ACCEPTANCE of those who fall into that category. This process is slow, of course... but it IS happening.

So, the myth of a "trend" is merely an increasing number of people who not only understand enough to come out, but also an increase in the number of those who feel SAFE enough to come out. The actual percentage of true transgender people has not changed, has not increased. It's just that more of them are becoming KNOWN, instead of hidden.

Am I making sense here? Someone let me know if I'm making sense here. Also I apologize if anything I said was redundant. I aint so good with that aspect of communication.

Anyway, as Rodafina said, what is presented to you here and now is a chance to learn more and gain understanding yourself. Just like how it's important to learn about autism so you can better understand and interact with anyone who has it.

Please do feel free to ask any questions you might have directly. Keep in mind, every little thing I'm saying here is from the viewpoint of someone who has been experiencing this since... always. Since always.

Okay I have to stop there, my PC's fans just... turned off. I best go deal with that.


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This is also inaccurate. It is important to be educated on social topics in o
When i was in high school there were zero i mean zero trans students, not only that i didn't even know it was a thing.
Ideas spread around sometimes, and some are bad.

rder to discuss them in a way that is not regressive to social progress that is being made.

You may find the following link interesting.
When I was a kid - actually until late in life, no one knew anything about autism. It was never discussed or mentioned or thought about. However, I suffered from it regardless of the ignorance of it. Indeed, I suffered more then than I do now since it is now known - and disclosed - that I am autistic. None of my suffering was due to any form of promotion. Keeping things unknown or secret is only beneficial to bigots; never to the people who are suffering. Because you don't see something or are ignorant to something doesn't mean it isn't there. When things are actively kept hidden, it is intended that you don't see it and kept ignorant about it. Rest assured, there are a lot of things in life that society successfully keeps hidden. And, that is morbidly painful to those who are kept hidden.

It is said that ignorance is bliss. In reality, that is a catastrophically false statement. People die everyday due to ignorance. At best, people suffer every day due to ignorance.

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