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Can you give advice about Jackery portable power stations?

I couldn't find any official amp rating on the listing, but I did see a convincing review citing 3.7 amps normal mode and 1.85 amps economy mode. On 12 volt power these are 48 watts and 24 watts, respectively.

*grabs hat, chomp chomp*

Electric motors are not my strong suit, so don't quote me on anything I'm about to say. The listing notes specifically a 12 volt DC compressor motor, which makes sense. Essentially, the 12 volt DC plug goes directly to the motor and the 110 volt AC is routed through a transformer (to step down the voltage) and then rectifier (to change AC to DC) before it goes to the motor. Ergo, running this unit from a 110 AC power inverter is a total waste of energy because the freezer wastes more energy converting it right back to 12 volts DC.

DC motors are easier to start than AC motors. DC motors can produce torque when stationary, so they only need a small power boost upon startup. This is why small DC motors (think RC cars) can use tiny PCB capacitors whereas AC motors are necessarily larger and need capacitors similar in size to a can of soda.

The thing I'm stumped on is how this freezer is doing it. Compressing any gas requires a ton of power, and IDK what workaround they are using to get good results with such low power use. My only guess is a high volume low pressure refrigerant cycle, wherein each cycle cools less but there are many more cycles to compensate. However, this doesn't hold to scrutiny because it takes a certain amount of energy to remove heat, full stop. Shrug. I'm already beyond my expertise and, lacking legit knowledge, from this point onward I'm taking the stance that your freezer was made by aliens and there's a conspiracy theory somewhere to explain it.

Huge smile on my face reading this. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your explanation.

I understood everything you said. The freezer is very quiet. It is a little noisier now than when it was new. When it was new I could not hear it. I wondered if it was running. It gets extremely cold, maybe -15Fº.

It has a power supply that plugs into household AC and puts DC power out to the freezer. It also came with a power cord that lets it run from a cigarette lighter so if I can find a way to afford the portable power from Jackery, I would use the DC directly and I think have much more power that way.

I really enjoyed everything you wrote.

Thank you :)

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