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Autistic Adults Online - project investigating how autistic adults communicate and interact on social media platforms.


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For info :-

The aim of this research project has been to examine how autistic adults communicate and interact on social media platforms.

While the importance of online networking in initiating and maintaining social connections for autistic people is well recognised, little is known about whether, and if so how, social media platforms accommodate autistic adults as users. The AAO project used linguistic analysis of social media data and interviews and thematic analysis of workshop conversations with autistic participants to establish autistic needs and preferences in social media interactions.

The study will help inform initiatives that use digital networking technologies to improve the quality of life of autistic adults.

Thanks for sharing, I'm interested to see the results.

I wonder if they will address the issues of the attacks people get when they reveal that they are on the spectrum, and the word autistic being used as an insult.

Then there's the other side of things, people treating autism as cool and trendy and the in thing.

And thirdly, the way certain people on the spectrum treat others on the spectrum, if they are even on the spectrum at all.

I did find this in the testimonials section from an anonymous contributor regarding Twitter:

"I very quickly realised I needed to either build some emotional resilience or delete the app. It is a place where the most vile human beings reside. Seriously. And unfortunately I discovered some of them were in the autistic community – there is their version of autism, and if you don’t agree….."

I've bookmarked the project for future.
I don't use any social platforms, unless it's for business. I use this forum and that's about it. I do not care about most people's opinions, so wading through millions of self-obsessed tweets is not my idea of fun or even remotely interesting. FaceBook - deleted my profile a decade ago. Twitter - only when I need it for business. Instagram - not even interested. What other platforms are out there...I don't even care.

Hope that helps.
Update Webinar scheduled

Tuesday 21 March 12-1pm

Social media platforms are designed with the needs of neurotypical users in mind. How can we change this? In this research project we are looking at what kind of challenges social media pose to autistic people, what coping mechanisms they use to overcome those challenges, and, crucially, how social media can be re-designed to support the social needs of autistic people.

We will be joined by Prof Nelya Koteyko, Dr Belen Pena, Jack Welch, and Dr Simona Manni.

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