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Android vs Ios vs Windows phone vs Blackberry (discussion)

Blackberry is coming out with an Android phone. Personally, I'm really interested in this because Blackberry hardware is notoriously tough and well designed. Blackberry's achilles heel has always been its kludgey software and backend infrastructure. This phone due out has an actual, physical keyboard that slides out from the bottom. If Blackberry is still making the same kickass hardware, this will be one mean cool phone.
If I can't get android then I will likely stop using smart phones. I hardly use the phone anyway, and I hate Apple. So I will most likely purchase a phone that is only a phone--if at all. I haven't used a phone to get on the web since the novelty wore off; it just isn't a convenient means of surfing. I have never used the camera on my present phone, and used a phone camera on exactly one occasion (I was at Machu Picchu and the battery in my actual camera was dead). Most of the people trying to sell me camera phones exclaim over the fact that their phones are now able to do what my camera was already able to do ten years ago. Well, hot ****. None of the other apps even interest me, and I actually dislike the word "app" itself. I have never been a gadget nerd, and clearly I never will be.

I dislike the word "app" as well as it sounds dumbed down. I too am thinking of going back to a feature phone and I'd do it if I didn't tether for internet access. Instead, I dumbed down my smartphone. I uninstalled all social networking stuff, turned off email autosynch, and got rid of any unnecessary software applications. My phone actually works better and the battery life has improved by order of magnitude.
This phone due out has an actual, physical keyboard

You got me interested in phones again. My biggest beef with smart phones is that irritating touch keyboard. Sure, they're flashy and trendy and the novelty obviously hasn't worn off yet, but when it comes right down to it they're a huge pain in the ass compared to actual buttons.
ancusmitis I'm a hopeless phone addict ... it's like crack. I even change providers all of the time according to which one offers the greatest deals. Yup, its an obsession. My biggest beef is the onscreen keyboard as well. My big fingers don't play nicely with those. This is why that new Blackberry Venice is something I haz to get. But, it's only going to be launched on AT&T so I might have to pay full price and use it on GoPhone. Currently, I have MetroPCS and I'm loving the totally unlimited data. I've been catching up on all kinds of shows before going to bed. ROFL!

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