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  1. Annakenzie

    I feel like an idiot for struggling to act my age

    I am 17, but I find myself struggling to make friends my age (or at all) and I find it essentially hard to 'act my age'. I don't entirely understand why but I can tell I'm much more kid like then my peers and I find it feeling kinda embarrassing. I still play with toys, I prefer kid shows for...
  2. autism-and-autotune

    Can I vent about my crummy day at work?

    Apologies if this isn't allowed. What's...unique about the situation is that despite it being a bad bad day, I still had all my spoons and executive function...but as of right now I'm over it an incapable. So I work the retail, etc. etc. Particularly yesterday it was not good because there was...
  3. autism-and-autotune

    What do I do about job requirements that may cause conflict with my autism? (vent/rant/frustration)

    Hi folks. I'm kind of going through a rough time of it now, and would appreciate some advice? insight? Oh, boy. So retail is retail, and for the most part my autism doesn't affect my duties that much, other than I can only stand working for so long before I go into shutdown. I recently had my...
  4. HammyStack

    I don't understand middle school

    I don't under how to talk to people and the staff gives me the most bare bone information. I know how to introduce myself, I know how to do small talk, I know how to "just talk", but these people wants so much of me. What I am suppose to do? "Oh be yourself" "Oh actually you have to change...
  5. L

    Experiences with people pleasing

    Hello everyone, This topic is troubling me for some days now and I think I just had to get it out somewhere and also hope you could share some of your own experiences. I have noticed I am a huge people pleaser and I don’t know how to feel about it. Except for some kinds of people, I basically...
  6. Nummulite

    Probably not autistic, now I don't know what to do

    This summer I've been doing a bunch of research about autism, making pages and pages of notes with reasons why I might be on the spectrum, and I got a referral from a doctor to get an autism assessment in a few years. I felt like I was finally on to something after a lifetime of wondering what's...
  7. Amy Stone

    Therapists in my area aren't qualified!

    Maybe it is different elsewhere, but most therapists in my area have degrees in theology or some other religious certification. Literally 99 out of 100. My son was seeing one of these "therapists" (because there is hardly anyone else) and she literally did "nothing". Didn't ask him questions...
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