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  1. M

    How to help my mom with results of my diagnosis?

    Hey guys! I'm 21 years old girl and got diagnosed with autism in November. I was getting ready for diagnosis for almost 6 months until I decided to finally risk. As therapist said, I don't fit in all traits and I seem to be neurotypical, yet she also said that I'm in the spectrum, but because of...
  2. Matteovietnamese

    What should I do?

    I am 17, half-Mexican, and have been diagnosed with high-functioning autism since I was 3 years old, I have been working out for 27 days and eating healthy, and have a gym membership, when I was 16 years old, I unfortunately got sucked into the incel community but left right after it got too...
  3. shadowmyl

    My family members probably hate me because I am different

    Hello, I am 17 and self-diagnosed with social anxiety and autism. Since I was little, I have always had a hard time around my family members, especially when we meet with my aunt's family. As my cousins are exactly the same age as my sister and I, so one is 17 and the other is 21, we have been...
  4. T

    Do you know if a fear of praise is a typically ND thing?

    So I have these vivid memories of asking my mom not to congratulate me since I was a little kid. Now with me being on the spectrum being a very real thing, I'm trying to make sense of such behaviors. Have any of you had similar experiences growing up?
  5. GadAbout

    Dementia as an alternative "neurotype"

    My husband (who has early-stage Alzheimer's) and I are active at our local senior center. We attend exercise class three days a week as well as other events. I try to smile warmly at others in our exercise class and say good morning, even though I don't know most people's names. My husband...
  6. Bella Pines

    How do you feel about NTs?

    I read a blog recently that is written by an autistic about NTs. It is a tad patronising to NTs, but FAR less so than any article written by NTs about aspies, which always contain phrases like 'symptoms' and 'diagnosis', like it's a disease that needs to be managed. However, the blog raises a...
  7. L

    Neurotribes and Neurodiversity

    Ok. There is a lot of specialized vocabulary in any one group. In the autistic circle, we have stimming and spoons and so on. Some words come from the doctors that have watched over us. Other words come directly from the community. Like, "neurodiversity." This word was made in the autistic...
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