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  1. pjcnet

    Could asthma and allergies during pregnancy be linked to autism?

    I was diagnosed as autistic as a very young child in the 1970s along with both my brothers who are severely autistic. Neither of my brothers can read or write, count to 5 or do many things that a "normal" person can and sadly they will need 24/7 care for the rest of their lives. I was also very...
  2. Peatsmoke

    Advice wanted from Aspie mothers (or mothers of Aspie mothers...)

    Does this ring any bells with anybody: My sister (who I think is an Aspie - I would never dare bring it up with her) has recently told our mum that she's no longer welcome to spend any time with her daughter (mum's granddaughter). When asked why, she just said "Don't get me started!". My mum...
  3. HelzBelz

    I suspect my mum is Aspie, but I still don't want contact!

    I've come to the conclusion my mum is on the spectrum as I've gone through the process of having my daughter diagnosed and recognising so many traits in myself. I stopped speaking to my mum two years ago and even now I'm sure she's Aspie I don't want contact. I just feel so angry for how she...
  4. Peatsmoke

    Do autistic parents use different parenting techniques to NT parents?

    I read an article today that features several mothers who were Dx'd as adults - after they had children, in fact. Many of them say that (1) they do things differently from NT mothers and (2) they're terrified of social services taking their kids away because of their autism diagnosis. I'm not...
  5. Peatsmoke

    Odd Girl Out: An Autistic Woman in a Neurotypical World 2017-04-06

    (from the Amazon.co.uk website) Laura James found out that she was autistic as an adult, after she had forged a career for herself, married twice and raised four children. Odd Girl Out tracks the year of Laura's life after she receives a definitive diagnosis from her doctor, as she learns that...
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