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mental illness

  1. Jenisautistic

    For those that have been in the mental health system what changes would you make?

    Next month is mental health awareness month Hello everyone a while ago, I made a video about what I believe could be changed in the mental health system, mainly in the hospital, but I would like to hear your thoughts as well and things that should be rights versus privileges or something like...
  2. M

    Autism and mental illness

    Imagine the following scenario (which I think is fairly common) and tell me whether you think the imaginary person described is mentally ill: An autistic person feels: Sad/depressed because people exclude him or avoid him because he is different. Anxious because people are overly critical of...
  3. Dorkasour

    My sister and her aspie love

    I've been going through immense amounts of stress and really wanted to reach out to you guys for support. My sister used to post on this website all the time for support as she was in love with someone who is has autism. He was her professor through college and she fell deeply in love with him...
  4. My Story

    My Story

    I was diagnosed 6 months ago with ASD. I am 36 years old. I was married very young and have a son. I was with my husband for 14 years and eventually I fell apart and we got divorced and my whole life changed. I had never been on my own before and the stress of change made me get worse. I...
  5. Heather752

    Bf on spectrum has really bad depression

    Hi all, I'm not on the spectrum, but my boyfriend is. Recently, his depression has skyrocketed and his anorexia has gotten worse. He'll go hours upon hours without texting me back or answering my calls and he started self-harming again. Today he realized that his depression isn't just harming...
  6. pjcnet

    Are Some Schizophrenics Hearing Spirits?

    This is related to Spiritualism and personal belief. I suspect that some diagnosed schizophrenics who hear voices in their heads are actually hearing real spirits and actually have a special ability rather than a mental illness, this ability can however be blocked by using psychiatric drugs...
  7. M

    Meltdown chorea

    Meltdown chorea is what I am calling it where one makes involuntary movements during meltdowns that are less regular and more jerky and less regular than stimming at other times. I do something like this when frustrated, hitting things, even finger and wrist biting. Does anyone here get this...
  8. nike007

    Mental illness and neurodevelopmental disorders

    Hello. So after being diagnosed with a mental illness, I began to research all the different types, treatments, statistics, symptoms, things to help with these mental illnesses. Like basically everything. And then once my psychiatrist said I may be on the spectrum (which I found out I am), I...
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