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  1. Georgia Galaxy

    My First Live Stream!

    Check it out here, it's pretty chill. I made a bunch of timestamps to good moments last night that sadly didn't save, sometimes YouTube is silly and turns the comments off. Hope you enjoy and you can skip past a few bits if you'd like <3 Hello (I’m doing chores!) my first stream.
  2. Georgia Galaxy

    Silly Article :P

    https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CatharticChores Think you guys might enjoy reading this!
  3. Knower of nothing

    Schedules and other systems to induce habit formation.

    The situation: I live with my family in the attic of our home, full time NEET, rarely go outside. Needless to say I have a lot of spare time. Despite this, my ability to take care of myself and not fall back into the usual pit of self neglect is very inconsistent. Time is not the issue. In a...
  4. G

    Time management and my many chores

    I need help getting my many chores done with the limited amount of time that I have; I have a lot of things I need to get done and I struggle to find time to do them. I asked this question before on another Autistic forum site, and I was advised use something like popsicle sticks to write my...
  5. G


    I'm not sure if this the right category to post this under but, does anyone else on here have issues with chores? I always find that doing the dishes really cuts into my time, it always takes like around an hour to get it done; maybe I'm just too thorough with my cleaning. As for cleaning my...
  6. gonzerd

    Everyday and Not So Everyday Tips & Tricks

    Growing up I was often amazed at the things my peers would know. Sometimes I felt like they went to a different school after school or something. By now I know it was just a matter of word of mouth information spreading, and I was the socially isolated one. Still am, it's an autism thing, or...
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