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  1. Ladybird2013

    Anyone else like British mysteries?

    I love British mysteries- books, movies, TV shows! My favorite shows are: Midsomer Murders Father Brown Shetland Broadchurch Anyone else like these, or can recommend others?
  2. Mr Allen

    Question for UK based Aspies, would you go on Blind Date?

    Topic. I'm just watching it on 5 now, and there's really nice young ladies on to be picked, numbers 2 and 3 especially. I applied for the rebooted show way back when they were making the first series but didn't get on it. How about you lot?
  3. The Midge

    The Kingdom of Us - A Netflix documentary

    Netflix reveals heartbreaking British documentary film Kingdom of Us A documentary film about a family of 7 children who cone to terms with the suicide of the father. The father had debts of £1000 000 +. Some of the children have autism. It sounds like a good film. Sun Newspaper article...
  4. Hattie

    22 yr old girl, just diagnosed

    Hi all! I'm 22 and got diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome yesterday which feels like such a massive relief as I've spent most of my life struggling. When I was 17 I lived in a psychiatric hospital for 9 months and was diagnosed with all sorts sporadically, (BPD, bipolar, depression, anxiety)...
  5. Mr Allen

    Which UK cell phone Network should I sign up to?

    Topic. I have to give 30 days notice on my SIM only contract with EE on the 18th of March this year, it runs out on the 17th of April, but I am considering changing providers if I can get the same amount or more data for about the same price as I pay now for a SIM only contract, which is about...
  6. Xenocity

    Softbank to buy ARM for £24B/$31.8B...

    http://www.bbc.com/news/business-36822272 It's official Softbank of Japan has announced a plan to buy ARM Holdings (CPU maker/designer) for £24B/$31.8 B (at the current market rate). ARM Holdings is the second biggest CPU maker/designer in the world, who's chips and chip designs power...
  7. Mr Allen

    Question for British members - Where do you go on Holiday?

    We usually go to UK destinations, last year we went to a place in Sussex with an Outdoor Pool, went there in 2014 as well, spent all day in the Pool most days, good times. I'm trying to persuade Dad to go down to Woolacombe Bay in Devon this year but it's not cheap. So how about you lot? Any...
  8. M

    Barber helps young autistic boy afraid of having his hair cut.

    https://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/good-news/barber-goes-to-extraordinary-lengths-to-help-212731638.html Barber goes the extra mile to help autistic boy with fear of haircuts On November 3, British barber James Williams gave a very special haircut, which then made him an Internet sensation...
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