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anxiety & fear

  1. T

    Missouri Study Weighs in on use of Propranolol (Blood Pressure) for the Presentation of Anxiety w/in Young Adults w/ ASD

    Background: I wanted to post this here in case it could assist anyone in any conversations with medical professionals. Dr. Temple Grandin has noted in the recent video I taped at her office at Colorado State University about ways she has opined activities of daily life can assist in making the...
  2. Tired Anna

    How do you fight/distract yourself from fears and overthinking?

    All of us have rational and irrational fears, and as an overthinker I often start thinking about the worst cases and horrible problems, which may or may not come in the future, so beating yourself over them over and over just drains me mentally and physically. I only touched this topic with my...
  3. H

    How can I stop catastrophizing?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here, and it’s about something I’ve been struggling with for a while. right now I’m a bit lost on what to do and would like some help with my problem. For the last couple of years I have delved into some unsavoury things regarding politics, generally terrible...
  4. Dalia

    Finishing a project to do with an obsession

    Hi, I've had a special interest for a specific show (in particular a specific season of that show) since the end of 2019 and when the show ended mid last year it was really difficult for me. To have something to hold onto for it I started turning the season into a book because I enjoy writing...
  5. Jamila


    I-I read a part on this book .. A-and I feel extremely scared .. P-please explain this part of the article to me ... Today In Disney History ~ July 10th - The Main Street Mouse On the part where they say that The Brave Little Toaster was based off on Where The Wild Things Are I never really...
  6. L

    How can I accept my diagnose and stop masking?

    TRIGGER WARNING: depression, OCD, anxiety, suicide thoughts. Hello. It'll be a little long, sorry for my broken english: I was diagnosed last november. The process took almost eight months. I was already going to a psycologist since 11 years old and to a psychiatrist, since 15 years. I have...
  7. Jenisautistic

    Why frozen 2 speaks to me and I'll be coming back to it again and again

  8. Jenisautistic

    in to the unknown cover talking about anxiety

    hi just wanted to say that I love this song it is so powerful and amazing I feel like Elsa sometimes and I get shutdowns where I'm in a sort of inner world but it s more From the trama but I believe the autism causes it to come out too it feel like my inner world will go back to writing stories...
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