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  1. Angular Chap

    The play script analogy

    I was showing people some official NHS guidance on autism which mentioned an interesting trait of "seeing others as an audience." So I came up with this analogy to expand my take on that: Sometimes being forced to mask makes me feel like little more than a character in someone else's...
  2. Angular Chap

    The switch analogy for social interactions

    I was explaining this analogy to someone and thought I would share. It is about most in person social interactions, especially the unwanted ones. Imagine a switch in the back of the person's mind. Any kind of switch. Could be a light switch, an old school knife switch, any kind of on-off...
  3. Angular Chap

    The "cargo cult" analogy for masking

    I've been thinking about this metaphor, and I think it works as an analogy for some of the mimicry/imitation aspects of masking. The term/idea of a "cargo cult" has a long history, but the most well known stories come from around World War 2 in the Pacific. Local Melanesians would see American...
  4. BlueSky Aozora

    Why Do You Feel/Have Anxiety?

    Hi, i would like to ask a stupid question.. Why people on the spectrum, especially aspies, always have anxiety? 24/7 anxiety? I'm not sure whether this analogy is suitable or not.. Is it like, MS-DOS (people on the spectrum) having trouble/burn-out because it's expected to perform like, for...
  5. P

    Asperger's and Metaphors

    I cannot get this thought out of my head: the stereo-types of Asperger's and autism alike are associated with, in general, being literal thinkers, and being poor at understanding metaphors and similes. But metaphors, analogies, and similes are my strong-suit, one of my greatest strengths. In my...
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