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Recent content by Turbocks

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    getting my life in order,the challenges of dealing with living on my own and dealing with traumatic events

    Good thing to know I am not alone. I have been on the forums since some time during high school although I don't post nearly as often as I used to do.
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    getting my life in order,the challenges of dealing with living on my own and dealing with traumatic events

    So I am not sure if anybody else can relate to the challenges I am dealing with right now which I am trying to overcome both with the help of my highly supportive mom but also from a type of service in my country known as "boendestöd" where I can get help with planning out things like routines...
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    Experiencing too much empathy and sensory overload around babies/children or animals

    Sadly my rabbit had now passed away as well very recently possibly because of an unknown illness as everything looked completely normal and he showed no signs of sickness when I saw him alive for the last time the days before and I am now heartbroken and will probably not get one ever again most...
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    Experiencing too much empathy and sensory overload around babies/children or animals

    There is something I have so far not shared with the people on this forum but it's something I have experienced several times during my daily life because of the fact I just experience too much empathy especially over cartoons/animated movies especially movies such as An american tail because...
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    A summary and history of my problems with growing overweight and a description of underlying issues

    First of all I would like to say I have been fairly inactive on these forums for the past few months mainly because I have gotten busy with other tasks like trying out video games I have never beat before, doing stuff like analysing malware and even just taking care of my pet bunny I have had...
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    I want to improve my drawing skills so I can work with animation

    So a while ago I got my hands on a Wacom S drawing tablet because I really wanted to start drawing digitally so that maybe I can develop the needed art skills for animation but what sucks is that I am barely even using the thing and I dislike drawing on paper. I know there are a lot skills I...
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    Autism discrimination

    As somebody with high functioning ASD I can understand if that neighbor is finding the screaming/loud noises annoying especially because that kid happens to be on the autism spectrum and is non verbal and obviously that is not an excuse for bad behaviour from the child but the neighbor telling...
  8. T

    What is the possibility of somebody with ASD to get a job as a pilot?

    So for quite a while now I have been kind of obsessed with flying and aviation in general ever since I got my hands on mfs2020 and my interest started with fsx steam edition where I used it for 57 hours or so according to steam and I also downloaded several mods when using that sim to increase...
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    My experience playing on vatsim in mfs2020

    they are pretty good as far as physics go and it's lightyears better than fsx
  10. T

    My experience playing on vatsim in mfs2020

    well it's a pretty expensive game but well worth it as long as you have the hardware for it and be aware it can get rather expensive if you want the most out of the game and I am talking mid to high end graphics card like the rtx 2060-2080 and the latest 3090 graphics card,in terms of processors...
  11. T

    My experience playing on vatsim in mfs2020

    One of my favourite things to do during my free time currently is to go on mfs2020 and practice flights with the a32nx a320 neo. I fly the plane fairly often especially when practicing landings which I am not the best at but I am more than willing to learn from all my failed landing attempts and...
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    A story idea I had for my first sfm short

    yeah thanks for notifying me about it and I changed it accordingly and a few other things I realised I had to change after adding things to the script. That plane bombing is actually based on a real life plane bombing that happened in 1976 over Barbados on a plane that was travelling to Cuba...
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    A story idea I had for my first sfm short

    This is how the script looks so far although it's in swedish at this moment and I never bothered to translate it. In case you were wondering what it's saying don't bother using google translate on it because the translation is just not correct. Dropbox - script.txt - Simplify your life
  14. T

    A story idea I had for my first sfm short

    So I always wanted to get into the world of sfm animation although the bugs and glitches in sfm is not something I am looking forward to as seen through Lazy purple's sfm video and I figured i need a general idea of things like the story, characters and I also need to learn how to use sfm . I...
  15. T

    My experience with cruel neurotypicals that use words like "intellectual disability"

    As you may know if you have ever read my other posts I am a 20 year old swedish man with aspergers and as of this year I am preparing myself for moving away from home and getting an eventual job. What I am going to talk about though is something I believe many people on the spectrum can relate...
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