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  • I'm sorry but you really scared me. I often do stupid things and I thought I had done it again.
    Interesting to note you're into MLP:FiM way back then when it was cool.

    As for me, I have two special interests that lasted for 5 years or more. One includes urban architecture, as I really like the buildings all around the world, and can explain their different styles the best I can. The other is SimCity series of games. I played SimCity 2000 and SimCity 4, and I really look forward to the next SimCity game. I also like maps, and I collect street directories dating from 2001.

    I know if I am given the opportunity to just do the interests I like for a long time, that is, architecture and urban planning, I will definitely do well. After all, maybe you know people who like these stuff and engage them (at least intermittently) for ten or more years like I do, and they're all great. I just wish I have more time to pursue these interests!
    I don't support any pairings in the show, and I don't buy toys.

    However, I really like FiM.

    I know FiM through a mutual Aspie friend, who just said, 'I am bullied in my local Brony group, and I need some advice.' So I joined the group, trying to figure out the situation, but soon thereafter I became hooked to the show itself and watch every episode of FiM at least three times.

    His bullying goes against the Elements of Harmony for friendship, it is just discrimination of his conditions, and that's sad.

    But no worries, I like the show itself. :)
    Definitely! :)

    I think RD is really daring, adventurous, and did I mention she's a bookworm and reads in her spare time, too? Her pet, Tank, is also a figure, a symbol for tenacity and resilience. :D

    Applejack is also cool, too!
    Thanks IdahoRose

    Yeah, 20% cooler!

    That's why it's so awesome that it's my DP, yeah :p
    Oh my, such a pleasure to see a fellow fan of Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. To me, they're more than just "weird" - that's such a lazy description - they're creative. Those two actors create such fantastic, interesting, unique characters. Burton's films are always visually stunning, imaginative and very entertaining. I thought I was the only one who loved Dark Shadows and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What did you think of the new Frankenweenie?
    to satisfy me
    Cause the more that I'm...
    Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
    Well it's life, but I'm sure... there's gotta be more
    Than wanting more

    :D I love that song.

    Who's that in your profile pic? You? If so, adorable.
    Hi ruennsheng! You're welcome. Thanks for sending me the friend request in the first place! hehe
    Thank you Ian! League Girl directed me here. It's good to have another place to go besides wrongplanet.
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