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Mar 2, 2021 at 7:29 PM
Feb 5, 2021
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Aug 7, 2000 (Age: 20)
Trying to act like a small human (?)


Host - first system member - any pronouns, 20, from Ohio

I think I'm going offline again...I just don't feel well enough to be online. Going to ER for pain relief, won't be back for a time. Feb 26, 2021 at 1:56 PM

Bibliophile715 was last seen:
Viewing Blogs, Mar 2, 2021 at 7:29 PM
    1. Bibliophile715
      I think I'm going offline again...I just don't feel well enough to be online. Going to ER for pain relief, won't be back for a time.
      1. Bibliophile715
        Migraine of one month and one day has successfully been ended. Was very relieving.
        Feb 27, 2021 at 1:07 PM
    2. Bibliophile715
      Host here, just updating this to say it's me currently typing and not another system member.
      1. tree
        How reliably can you anticipate the host being occupied by another system member?
        Feb 21, 2021
      2. Bibliophile715
        If I may feel a greater amount of stress or overwhelmed, then I may switch. It is stress/anxiety related. I can't always predict it though.
        Feb 21, 2021
      3. tree
        That makes sense.
        Feb 21, 2021
    3. Bibliophile715
      A not already permanent system fronter is currently actively fronting. I am not revealing my name on here publicly but I know what it is.
    4. Bibliophile715
      Woke up early, already read a few chapters so far. Plan to post a few more things on here before going offline again.
    5. Bibliophile715
      I finally have another doctor's appointment for my migraine headache coming today that I've been waiting for since two weeks ago.
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  • About

    Aug 7, 2000 (Age: 20)
    Trying to act like a small human (?)
    Diagnosis Status:
    High Functioning Autism - Officially Diagnosed
    Enable Politics Forum:
    • Enable
    Political Party:
    US - Libertarian
    Host's information:
    a minor, obsessive bibliophile, night owl with no set sleep schedule. Assigned female at birth but questioning gender and sexual orientation. On medical withdrawal from college, accounting major. Socially anxious introvert with an undiagnosed personality condition due to having multiple personalities (of which I am the Host/main one). Most likely libertarian, but not really political. Agnostic, but open-minded on all sorts of beliefs. Anime and manga fan. Knows about otherkin/I am one.

    A note: I am non-binary and I like all genders. Not everyone in my family is totally accepting of this. There is actual hate towards non-binaries. It is a thing. Please look it up if you don't know.

    Diagnosed with autism since around age 3/younger. When younger was never able to communicate well at all. Didn't talk properly until late high school. Haven't ever understood sports well. All doctors aren't open-minded. Anyone who knows about 22q.11.2 genetic deletion, feel free to talk to me about that. Has read over a thousand books for escapism & is still reading. Never had an in real life friend & don't need one, I'm allied to fictional characters & several deities and archangels even though I'm not religious they lend me strength. Please be advised this user may be prone to making Supernatural or BATIM references at any given time.

    Family is middle class-definitely far from upper class. So I literally don't have the money to get a V.I.P. membership on this site or on any other site. Don't have money to have a Spotify or Disney+ subscription either-I had to convince my parents to get Netflix and was the last one I knew who had it. Yes my family still watches cable tv. Books and manga are gotten primarily from the library. Anime is streamed through sites with ads without subscription like funimation and crunchyroll.

    Any and all interactions I have on here are meant to be platonic (i.e. non-romantic). I am not taken and not available. I am an extreme introvert, meaning I didn't have in real life friends for the majority of my life apart from talking to my family. I didn't get online friends until when I was in the later half of high school. I can go for days without talking to someone. So I'm not available as I still probably have the social skills of a high schooler.

    Has: diagnosed autism, anxiety, chronic pain, chronic nausea, depression, a genetic deletion, food allergies/intolerances, hypothyroidism, low muscle tone, syncope, scoliosis, and others not mentioned. Hasn't been able to smell for months so I only have access to ~three senses (taste comes and goes).
    Existing cause I have to, even though it's painful. Wouldn't have it any other way, if my existence was missing, there would be something slightly more wrong with the world.

    -Books = traveling without going anywhere
    -TV shows/anime
    -Hoarding knowledge
    -Most people unless they do known really, really bad things

    I dislike people who are:
    -Judging others harshly based on their gender orientation, sexual orientation, appearance, or ethnicity
    -Don't like those who are pagan, wiccan, or not religious (I'm not religious as I am open minded on all sorts of beliefs. It is fine if you are religious)
    -Against disabled people or religiously discriminate against others
    -Not understanding of those with mental health issues
    -Intense haters who enjoy hating on things (will never relate)



    System info: (none of us are straight or NT. all got some form of autism)
    Host: addicted bibliophile, she/they or any pronouns, questioning gender identity
    [Fronter: will not reveal identity of them self, any pronouns, fronts if she needs it]
    Other system members: may be on here typing; current active one places details underneath Host's info in signature.