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Have you ever read the N.E.R.D.S. series because your kid read it? I mean, that's what parents are supposed to do right? Read what their kids are reading and watch what their kids are watching? I think it is interesting that the author used the stereotype of girls with large front teeth are cute, boys with them are sinister.

Yes, that is a stereotype. There's even an animation series, a love story, where a boy is getting closer and closer to a girl who's trying to get dental work done to resize her larger front teeth. The boy writes poetry in the animation praising the beauty of her large front teeth(buckteeth, bunny teeth) so she won't wear a mask anymore. As it isn't a tragedy, the boy does get the girl in the end and she keeps her teeth.

In the N.E.R.D.S series, the most evil character is a boy who has large front teeth. Oh, you're reading that series now? Forget what you just read.

As far as the HSP is concerned, as it relates to children, when you see a child do something that is trouble worthy, you have to ask yourself whether it was emotional or spiritual/creative lean... so your redirect is wiser. I'm not saying they don't get in trouble, but if you think it's the fun of doing something they know they shouldn't do instead of a need to create you will redirect as a parent far differently. Some person reading this is saying, so HSP children who creatively write on walls commit graffiti later? That would be an interesting study, wouldn't it? I didn't say that, and I'm holding opinions as we all have. I'm just saying the personality has to create... it's not an option. Anything can be used creatively if enough knowledge is gained, even math. Which is why, if the stress management could be ensured to be safely obtained, the personality is pretty much a gold mine of talent. It could be highly useful in math, science, and technology. The problem is the default personalities in those directions see that method of stress management as insane and crazy, especially from guys. It's a puzzle box only God could solve, though maybe a few strides will be made by big hearts, prayer, and persistence.

Wait, isn't HSP a 'danger, warning, incoming danger imminent to the group, prepare quickly' personality? Yes, to all animals. We're humans, though. In my opinion, HSP has a goldmine of talent that would be incredibly useful for math, science, and technology. Why force them to go arts because it's okay for artists to be crazy? It seems to be that there's a Rare Earth Material here that could be used in fantastic ways of progress. On the other hand... nevermind. Humans have hundreds of nuclear weapons spread out through multiple countries around the world, vast invention of chemical and biological weapons. The thing is, it's already started. I'm am absolutely positive that there are some incredibly dangerous cyber intrusion specialists on the wrong side of the law who are HSPs. Sooner or later the militaries and governments of the world will wake up to the HSP talent set and that will make the weapons all the worse. Scratch what I said. Just read your Bible, pray, and do what God says.

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