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HSPs(Highly Sensitive Persons) need to seek the spiritual and need to be creative. Hence, Bible and Prayer. Even being creative in Bible and Prayer. Creative, like poetry, sketching, 3D modeling, visual communications, graphic design, construction, drafting, sketching, drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, martial art katas, or dance, and so forth.

That is to say, HSPs have three things that define their personality
1. Seeking the Spiritual
A. Needing this - it's part of the personality... a cornerstone... the personality doesn't work without this (example: Bible reading, prayer)
2. Needing to be Creative
A. Always learning knowledge so they can be creative. Minimal functional is only a stage, they are learning so they can be creative.
3. Stress relief through crying
A. Not present, expect greater communication misinterpretations

That's vague. That's psychology. I hate psychology. One plus One equals Two on Thursdays when there's a Full Moon. Anyways.

I read some of a little book of poetry for HSPs. It's kind of a weird... what's this say to me an HSP(acceptance)?/maybe I'm not really an HSP(escape)?

It hit pretty hard for something so simple. I could really feel the poetry, which was interesting... usually I only feel a poem periodically out of so many poems, but this was page after page... first six poems, every single one of them. Well, guess I'll read the rest of it.

That is to say... given this blog up to this point... I sure haven't suppressed this personality very well. Poetry, Bible encryption(creative seeking spiritual), and so forth and on and on. I dare say that the only thing I've suppressed would be stress relief and we all know what happens if you suppress that long enough. I mean, wow, for all the things I do not post because this is the internet, and this blog still witnesses to that personality. Good grief.

Well, better get to other things.

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*one would expect HSPs to be guided by their emotions, but it seems the spiritual and creative guiding is probably mistaken as emotional guiding... but what do I know?


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