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Jesus was something else, right? From the amazing and fantastic details of His death in Matthew, to the specifics of his birth and childhood in Luke, to the family occupation in Mark, to the fact that the very guards who came at night to take Him away bowed before Him in John... Jesus is God. No, I can't explain that. How is Elohim plural and singular? Got me. It's amazing.

Far, far, far less important was these third seal studies I did in Bible encryption. Yes, I was trying to figure what on earth God had to say about those seals in the encryption rather than the two years of national and international news I read that convinced me that experts didn't know anything I expected them to know. (Seals are the first of 3 sevens before the 2 witnesses. Leviticus points to 7 years a season in chapter 25, so we can expect each set of 7 to be a rough 49 years of time, but we don't expect them to be back to back until they get closer to the time of the 2 witnesses - there's some vocabulary that derives other vocabulary that we presently have that means 'speed up' - which defined by negative space means less spacing between seasons - one of the methods when learning to draw is to pay attention to the space between objects, so it's elementary)

The short and sweet of those studies was that WWI was in the season of seal 1, WWII was the season of seal 2 (It literally had multilingual sentences that said WWII was seal 2. so... WW2 was seal 2, where WWI... was maybe part of seal 1?... I don't know) Seal three had corona, virus, solar storm, the names of more than 40 current world leaders, and so forth. That is to say, we're in seal three waiting to see the awful peak of it in 3 years or so. Well, anyways that's the short and sweet of it. Also, we know the text in Revelation lets us clearly see the needs rise in difficulty of expense, while the luxuries become easier to obtain... or don't become more difficult to obtain - either way, when food like wheat and barley is too expensive to afford at the peak of the seal in Revelation and luxuries like wine and oil are easy to obtain, there's an imbalance - which is a spiritual punishment to the world doing business with unequal weights and measures. In modern terms - all types of transactions for money, success, power, or fame regardless of the damage you're doing to another human life is to be punished by the peak of seal 3. Or so I believe that's the gist of the reason for the peak.

There were things that were confusing to me. There was an insane that attacked throughout the seal, and until some more thinking and research and learning of autism chew accessories, I wasn't sure why all the matches of certain vocabulary occurred. Roughly explained without details that will sound odd, autism chew stimming using infantile products became very common. I get this idea now more than I did before. The increase in diagnosis of ASD as personality and traits has exploded in this season - the personality is not just broke. However, for me personally... if you're going to stim that way, use your thumb as your measured guide to sizing, don't wreck your teeth with bad sizing, look for the word orthodontic, and hide it. I'm sure that sounds obvious, but... it might not be to everyone. Covert, here, that's the word. Consider not posting pictures on social media.

How bad could the stress the seal imposes possibly get? Well, the encryption searches seemed to indicate that those who aren't prepared for the peak of the seal won't even have the prior mentioned stim available... and given other searches, the prior stim mentioned for some will be the safest stim option(stress relief). I'm not sure, there was some dark stuff going on by professionals who were supposed to be helping. As in, if it could be believed, mental health inpatient becoming no different than the consequences of a teenage girl dressed immodestly wandering down a back alley in a bad neighborhood late at night expecting nothing bad will happen. I suppose you could say, the seal appears to involve a fight for sanity.

Some of this was more challenging to believe when I found it, but now, a year later, I find 2,073 matches on Etsy for "chewelry". It is possible that I misunderstand the allusion to the repeated wording I found, and chewelry is exactly correct, but I am going to figure black and white with this, that it simply doesn't stop at chewelry. ( , )

Anyway, that's the oddity for today. Feel free to ignore this blog entry, it's quite odd.

Just hold onto Jesus, He's got the whole world in His hands.

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