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I'm thankful for today,
For I breathed another breath,
And then one after that,
And yet another,
Now how do I do something,
With such a precious gift,
For in all efforts,
I must breathe,
But I hope that I make good efforts,
That lead to good things.

No one seems to follow Revelation,
Not that final book,
Yet the three stars on the money in the European Union,
For the love of money is the root of all evil,
Those three stars are called in the sky,
The three sisters,
The current pope has been doing some odd things,
And now wants catholic theologians to demasculinize,
The catholic interpretation of the text,
And I've always wondered what anti(not)-christ meant,
And maybe it means some thing really simple,
The Messiah was a man,
The antichrist is not,
Which should really bite the biscuit,
of a whole lot of decent folks,
That's just rude,
Just awful, awful rude,
Of old red legs to do.

These solar storms making press,
You know it's awful silly,
This is cycle twenty five,
So being odd,
The two years following the peak,
Are exciting,
Making three exciting years,
Or at least 12 exciting months,
January through April,
In 2024 through 2026,
But it's just 2023,
We had a G4,
Just as the year before had a G3,
And minus 1 all the way to a G1 in 2020,
So if my math is right,
x plus 1 means 4+1 equals 5,
Which means a G5 is due in 2024,
And probably 2025,
And probably 2026,
And all we have to do to find out where,
Is to spin the globe,
Spin it well!
Close your eyes while it's spinning,
Then stop the spinning globe blindfolded,
With one finger,
Roll a 4 sided dice to figure out the month,
Roll a 100 sided dice to figure out which day,
of the first 100 days of the year,
And now you know for certain,
When and where things will happen.

Cough drops,
That candy we excuse ourselves for.

The moon clothes itself,
With moving cloud.

Sometimes I'm sure I'm crazy,
I'm as normal as can be,
And I am,
For me.

I don't know how people live,
Without their Bible.
Although it works better,
when read.

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