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See, the thing is, at some point the 'automatically forgiven' for lousy interpersonal skills disappears due to expectations of age. All of the sudden, your grades aren't so hot anymore because of your interpersonal skills. That was the sort of thing you prided yourself with because if I can't be a diplomat, I can at least get an excellent academic grade when and where I want to. Only, looking over it stops. All of the sudden, you're older, and you can't get an excellent academic grade anywhere you want to because the age level of your soft skills is significantly divisible by your actual age. What you were proud of is no longer worthy of hanging on the wall. You apply for jobs, but they don't want you. They want the soft skills of a country diplomat and you ain't that.

You can whine till the herd comes home, but it's not going to fix anything. You pray. You find access to books. You look around... or I do. There's some social skill books that have a heart behind them instead of a disguised bowlful of pride out there, but intellectually getting it isn't applying it. Finally, you look for a way to go back to school to finish it. Then you wonder if you can even do that, or at least I do. Do I need to be labeled? Will that give me the 'automatically forgiven' I once had so I can finish school? Does it matter anymore? Your kids are your life, right? Does anything I do to better myself matter anymore? That's a depression question, because I know the real answer to that. If I'm breathing on my own, I have a gift from God, and I can read some Bible and yes, try to better myself. We don't live in a time of 2000 years ago, we live in today, the deaf have complex language called sign language, and the blind can read books, do calculus, and see diagrams with dots

See, I figure that's the choice in life - to try or to wait for things to change... and usually trying works better.

If I understand the rough personalities correctly, HSPs need to cry the stress off and the ASDs need to stim the stress off, then get back on the horse and ride.

At least, that's what they're supposed to do. If they can't do that enough for them individually, stress will probably build, and well, in time that won't be good.

So, what I'm saying... is that ASDs and HSPs need someone they can trust implicitly to listen to them.

RAD, from what I've read, seem to need discipline and overwhelming love(which is what is most painful to them from what I have read).

Of course, I've got no important papers on such things, these are my opinions - they don't have to be yours.

Still, if exercise isn't getting all the stress off for you, maybe you can find someone to talk to and maybe even listen too. They might have a story you've never heard.

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