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So the HSP thing. Simply put, that ain't about guys wanting dolls when they're growing up. Let's be real, kids often lean to their environment around them... at least before the teenage years. I'm not sure I understand this whole doll thing everybody keeps talking about. Excluding the 'artsy' fan 'merch' which I get. "All of my action figures are cherry"... or a 300 dollar Asuna or a Gundam that you have to put together that works just as well as any drawing puppet... so... 'use' it as a drawing puppet - break out the pencil or the ball point pen. I read one feminist wanted to make her son like dolls and he used the doll and pretended it was a gun. There was a psychologist who got famous forcing a family by smooth words to raise their son as a girl, always saying no every time he wanted something boyish and replacing it with something girlish. He committed suicide after life finally seemed to work out and he had three children - but not until after the psychologist got famous and said it was all nurture, nothing was nature. I mean, then there's convincing... some kids just want to be loved, and the 'love' only comes from playing with dolls by a sister, a neighbor, or even a parent - appreciation and love is a gas, and the payment to obtain that gas so your car moves is act like I want you to.

The HSP thing is more precisely the term "crybaby". Crying at inappropriate times because you feel something beyond what others feel around you. For example, if you were in the military and you find out your job is to kill hundreds of people by sabotaging their vehicle so they drown to death. Everyone else around you knows we're the good guys and they're the bad guys and you do too, but you can't help but feel terrible for those who would die and the way they would die which leads to crying. No one else cried, therefore the location of crying was entirely inappropriate.

HSP is one of those things that if it is real, one, it can be suppressed unless God has other plans, and, two, would be physically damaging over time to a HSP to suppress it because it would be increasing stress by volumes that crying, creating while crying, and reading while crying would have gotten the overwhelming stress closer to normal, healthy levels.

HSP - highly sensitive person

HSP is not, they didn't get what they want so they cried - that is being a brat, not being a HSP.

When I say, if it is real, then I am, but suppressed, then you already know... my heart probably hurts periodically and I probably fight a skin rash because of stress. Prolonged suppression would lead to physical symptoms.

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