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One thing that taking these autism tests and related tests has helped with is seeing oddities about me that I never considered. I mean, I most certainly fiddle with them until I reach high score, organizing in my head what is being counted. Who doesn't want the high score in any particular video game?

Still, I never thought that texture of food or the material of clothing really had much difference in importance. Who doesn't hate liver? And just because it's a T-Shirt sold at a church doesn't mean they should have picked that material to make it. Cheap pottery clay.... oh, good grief, that's the worst. The feelings I get touching that stuff are like chalkboard and nails.

Protective... I never considered the physical protective to be a thing. Why wouldn't you make sure they get into the building each and every time?

Friendless - meh... that's life, stop complaining. Still, apparently they count that on these tests. They should have real questions like,

How often when finding yourself required to socialize do you feel like Wile E. Coyote before the gravity hits?
A. All of the time
B. Most of the time
C. Some of the time
D. Never

Have you ever had a birthday where 0 or 1 friend showed up?
A. How did you know?
B. I officially invite the examiner to my next birthday to increase the count potential to 2
C. How could you! I have children now, so no, not now, so there.
D. Me? Everybody loves me. I have to tell people not to come because there's not enough space.

Anyways... the tests almost always favor against HSP.... you can't be empathetic if you are autistic. Which is weird. Why can't you be both? Why can't you feel embarrassed when you see something on a TV show as the character feels embarrassed or even before the character feels embarrassed while still having the social skillfulness of a toddler and have a picture of the Dean's List award hanging on the wall behind you? Why can't you be smart and jobless because your soft skills have all the flaws of Windows ME and tend to retire early?

Plus, some tests are completely weighted. Like the test for determining what someone means by their eyes and the muscles around their eyes. People are saying racial and all that, which I personally disagree with. An art degree, visual communications degree, or 3D character modeler degree are all education that have to study these things. They can read every face... just not fast enough. They don't need to. Throw a 1/4 of a second per question timer and vocalize the answers, then you'd know the real answer - most of the time.

Well, it just kind of goes on and on like that. A lot of answers can be situational. Do you stim? Um, can anyone see me or is a camera watching me so I'm going to be mocked, actions called dumb, or ...? No, then you'll never know... will you? I'm just saying. And there are safe stims which still get you yelled at. Like whistling. That's not a stim. That's normal. My head hurts because you've whistled that song a million times, as you literally go back in your mind and count how many times you whistled that song. It was not a million times. Therefore, your head must not hurt. ...

But if you don't stim, doesn't that stress you out? My skin rash has nothing to do with this conversation.

... etc, and so forth...

A lot of this is modern culture. There were other cultures where when you were skillful after schooling, or apprenticing somewhere, you did that job. It wasn't really a choice. I don't think that was necessarily superior in the sense that you had one small window to choose your education, and if you or your parents blew that choice... well, it wasn't that great. Some parents would be like, I'll do whatever it takes to make this kid a scribe... oh, sure, they had to become a monk probably, and never marry, but they were working in a nice gig. So that in itself had it's own flaws. Due to the current society, I can go to school later and try to get things done better, or done right, or done at all - or even finish school with a doctorate.

Here's one of those odd things. Those odd ways of thinking. I don't think Doctorates are all that smart. I think they finished school. I think those who do not have doctorates did not finish school. What an odd way of thinking, but I'm sure there are others who hold my opinion. If anything, I think a doctorate shows someone had persistence because school got finished long after it became optional... now whether that was parents, a family member, a best friend, or the person with the doctorate I wouldn't know. Only that someone, somewhere, involved in the person's life, had persistence.

I have many oddball ways of looking at things. I also believe I can change. As far as I know, from skeletal muscles to gray matter... it's what learning, considering, and application I put into it as to what changes and what stays the same.

( I'm only beginning to get an idea of this UI... but for the newer than me folks, you can't delete things you post after a certain amount of time. Be wary of that. See the little red face looking at the word public? Please be careful. Yahoo has free alias emails with each account and then they'll go directly to your main account - in addition to the basics of no contact details, you should probably create social media accounts with this type of method, which is available with many email providers. Your IP is always recorded in these things anyways, but a little less information to keep your family a little safer isn't a bad idea. DNSCrypt runs on everything... every smartphone, every operating system... just poke around till you find the app or the program that requires a bit of extra work on your end for Mac, Windows, or Linux. DNSCrypt doesn't hide your IP, it only makes the internet more like real life, no one knows you're going to the grocery store until you are at the grocery store - that sort of idea. These are my opinions - they don't have to be yours. Also, I'm not advocating anonymity, which while easy enough to do lacks some functionality. I'm just saying, it's a big world out there. - also, just figured this out because I was over complicating things - click on your nick in a chatroom so you can click the leave option - being able to leave and to delete are important things )

I am somewhat confident this post will be moved to a different subject area, but I didn't know any precise area that this fit well in.

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