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My Vacation - Prague

It was a bright summer morning when my parents and I began our much-anticipated summer vacation carrying our bags to the bus station on Stone Street. There, a crimson bus filled with excited passengers eager for their upcoming holidays waited to leave for Prague at 6:00 AM. There was an air of elation as the families prepared themselves for what was to come. The bus itself was absolutely packed with their heavy suitcases and other belongings haphazardly stacked and pushing against the headliner. As we made our way through all the fuss, I felt the golden rays of the sun filtering through the windows, warming my skin as they bathed the cabin with light. It was looking to be a lovely day as we left on our journey to Prague.

To pass the time my parents would alternate between reading their medical texts and writing in their journals. Meanwhile, I worked on some crossword puzzles and listened to '80s electronic music on my headphones, swaying in my seat as the rhythm and beat moved me. It was a lengthy trip, so I also had plenty of time to look out of the window as the scenery blurred into a solid image of green and blue. I felt as if it was the perfect complement to the music and my crosswords. The European landscape was moving like a green sea; its endless waves ebbing and flowing.

Several hours into our trip, my thoughts had turned to food. I was angry at myself because I hadn’t gotten up early enough to have breakfast—and my stomach grumbled as if rebuking my mistake. Soon after, we were interrupted by the sound of static from the loudspeaker. Out crackled the driver’s voice, "We will be taking a break to stop for lunch in about 15 minutes." This only made my stomach growl even louder. Finally, after those 15 minutes which seemed like hours, the bus pulled into a parking lot. What a glorious sight for a boy! A big and illustrious blue, yellow, and red neon sign let me know I was in heaven. It was Burger King.

After lunch, we continued on and I returned to my music. I passed the time wondering what one of Europe's great cities would have to show me. Large cathedrals? Old, winding streets? Castles of once-great kings? Before I knew it, the bus had stopped again near a café in Ljungby.

While I was there, I enjoyed a big brown juicy bundt cake that was the perfect accompaniment to an ice-cold glass of Coca-Cola. I felt my lips stretching as I stuffed my face with cake. The bundt was so soft and moist that it melted in my mouth. What a great welcome to the city!

The next morning, we rode to Denmark and switched vehicles at Øresund, which took us to Southern Gedser. From there, our tour group boarded a boat bound for Rostock. It calmly cut through the water as the trees seemed to sway gently along the shoreline. Speckles of sunlight shimmered on the lake and reflected on the dancing pine needles above. Although it was a smooth ride, it also became a tiring one as we sat impatiently waiting for our destination. Finally, we docked and had arrived in the bustling city of Berlin. Everyone was glad to have a chance to stretch their legs.

Our voyage had left us hungry and exhausted, and after checking into our hotel, we decided to hurry off to dinner. We feasted on a warm and hearty goulash soup that restored our weary bodies. Not only was the food delicious, but the restaurant itself was breathtaking. Lovely high ceilings evoked a sense of openness, and the wooden tables were surrounded by comfortable chairs. It gave a comforting sense of home. The impressive décor was matched only by the staff, who were very polite and provided their patrons with excellent service. To round off our dinner experience, we had arrived during a slow hour, creating a quiet atmosphere that brought about an air of peacefulness. Much needed after all the noise on the bus.

After finishing our meal, we visited some shops around town. Numerous storefronts beckoned us to enter with brightly lit window displays. Sadly, it was getting late and there was not enough time to visit them all. However, my parents did buy an assortment of gifts and toys for their grandchildren back home before we returned to the hotel for the night.

After a good night's rest, we awoke early around 6:45 AM. An hour later, we met downstairs for breakfast and soon after stepped out into the warming air of our last day in Germany. We strolled through mural-covered streets until we decided to stop for lunch. The restaurant we chose offered a plethora of options. Amazed by the generous selection, we soon found ourselves filling our plates with crispy French fries, samples of Becherovka, tonic, and Coca-Cola. That afternoon, we bid Berlin farewell and said goodbye to its beautiful, echoing church bells which accentuated the city's romantic aura.

Later that evening we arrived in Prague, and we capped the day off by attending a lively game of football. My parents enjoyed freshly brewed coffee during the game while I admired the players' sportsmanship.

The next morning started early with a terrific breakfast before our sightseeing. We visited the Adam and Eve towers, took in a local memorial, and were mesmerized by the magnificent towering rooftops of the Grand Hotel and European National Museum.

Not long after our city tour ended, my family and I enjoyed lunch by the water's edge. The meal consisted of steak, a side of fried potatoes, and salad. While eating, I admired the breathtaking scenery around us. Sun rays bounced off the surface of the water creating sparkles akin to brilliant diamonds. It was such a stunning view. We continued down to the historic harbour and watched while fishermen skillfully brought in their day's catch. It was an incredible experience.

On the way back to the hotel, we noticed a game of football playing on a café television. The windows were clear as day and the television beckoned us like moths to a flame. After watching our favourite team play, we stopped to enjoy a slice of warm pie accompanied by a cold glass of Coca-Cola. While enjoying the pastry, I heard beautiful chiming coming from the nearby clock tower. It played a beautiful melody—almost as if a siren were attempting to seduce me with her call. When the chimes ceased, it was time to head back to the hotel. It had been a long day and comfy beds were waiting for us.

On the last day of our trip, we got up at 7:00 AM to join the tour group and board a bus headed to Santa Maria. We were going to explore tall lookout towers, palaces, cathedrals, and the Edward Benz Sankt building. Amongst all the historical places, a few skyscrapers reached up to the heavens like massive stone giants, casting their vast shadows over the city below.

Once the tour finished, my family and I sat close to the water, where we enjoyed a dinner of beef with potato salad and ice cream for dessert. The wind blew all around us as we savored our meal, gently brushing our cheeks and creating a serene atmosphere.

After we ate, we took a stroll toward the local café for a drink. I sat down and stretched my legs and took the time to write postcards to the people back home. Even though I felt wistful that our vacation was coming to an end, sharing those joyful memories with my loved ones gave me comfort.

That evening we had a beautiful, vibrant sunset, and the temperature dropped to a pleasant coolness. This invigorated my spirit, and I slept peacefully for the last night of the trip.

The final morning of our experience began with heavenly, fresh-baked cinnamon buns covered in sticky icing. Yum! Once I finally finished enjoying the pastry, we all walked to the station, and I thought about how difficult it felt to say goodbye.

When we got to the bus, I noticed that the tour group's initial excitement at the beginning of the trip had been replaced with a bunch of tired faces and melancholic stares. I sat down and eagerly looked out the window for one last glimpse of the beautiful city, covered by the shadows of the stone giants. My imagination drifted to images of them reaching the heavens.

These thoughts lulled me into a sound slumber as we began the journey back home. The bus rattled by the same endless fields and flowers we passed before as I dreamt of the big beasts above Prague eating my enormous platter. Though I was sad that my summer vacation was coming to an end, the memories of delicious food and gorgeous scenery would be enough to satisfy me until our next adventure.


Hello, that was really well done! It was really informative, detailed, full of feeling, and descriptive. I could envision myself there reading about your travels, and enjoying those relaxing and happier moments.
Hello, that was really well done! It was really informative, detailed, full of feeling, and descriptive. I could envision myself there reading about your travels, and enjoying those relaxing and happier moments.
Thank you for the kind words. I worked hard on this one, so I really appreciate your comments!

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