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What Is Your Least Favorite Sound?


I have no dreams
I dislike the sound of scratching some kind of fabric (polyamide), coil whine, people talking with chewing gum in their mouth and microphone feedback noise...and have to deal with at least one of them everyday.


V.I.P Member
Passing trains, the most terrifying noise in the world surpassing even fireworks and dodgy bus brakes in their fear and horror factor.
Kids screaming or crying. I work in merchandising so I have to wear my headphones at work most of the time.

The sound of water lapping or dripping on a video; I don't have a problem with it person though. Weird.

Applause, hand dryers, certain high pitched voices.


Well-Known Member
So many choices!!! I'm like a kid in a candy store with this thread lol. The rustling of paper or plastic bags (especially if I cannot see the action taking place), absent-minded drumming of feet or fingers, laughter in a certain volume and pitch, many people talking at once (unless I am not trying to hear in which case if it is below a certain volume then it acts as background noise and that is tolerable; otherwise it is overwhelming, especially in an enclosed and claustrophobic space), whistling... oh and crying children / screaming babies... especially if they are not attended to... oh and motorcycle Mufflers / exhaust pipes especially on Hogs...

All of the above I find highly distracting / painful / unsettling / disturbing...


My least favorite sound: The screeching of silverware across a plate.

Other annoyances:
  • Someone smacking while eating
  • High-pitched voices or laughter
  • Anyone screaming or yelling
  • Beeping alarm clocks
  • Smoke alarms
  • Sirens from ambulances, etc.
  • Motorcycles


Well-Known Member
It has to be very high frequency. It used to just be the sound of friction on cloth or carpet - or cardboard - yech! ACtually, those make me feel gross inside. But what really bothers my ears is this breathing thing my dog does - if she blows just a little harder, it would be the start of a whine, but instead it's just the sound right before the whining - it drives me nuts, and she will do that for hours on end for no apparent reason. I'll go pet her, see if she needs anything...nope. Just enjoying making her sound :) Actually, come to think of it, she makes it when she's happy when I'm petting her....but it doesn't bother me then. Just when she does it on her own for hours.


Active Member
No idea. I lead a pretty sad life, so the more I don't focus on what I don't like.. the better. I really don't understand what the point of these types of topics are. Is it to vent or just be negative.. or perhaps both?

I'm not trying to sound rude, just stating my viewpoint on the matter.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Hmmm. I have two in particular.

First and most often, the rumble of someone's subwoofer reverberating throughout my apartment building. Second, a toddler's blood-curdling high-pitched scream. Usually encountered in large stores.

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