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My life sucks

Hope you can find some folks and some discussions here that cheer you up a bit. Welcome to the forum.
Do you think your life would suck less, if you were female?
Hopefully your thoughts will change, after you sit in the forum long enough. There is a lot of kind supportive people here.
Perhaps you could share some more about yourself….. such as your age and what part of the world you’re in.

Life on the spectrum is a challenge, but it may differ in various locations around the globe. And it’s a lot different to be in high school than to be retired.
I want to show that with a normal IQ I am not developmental intellectual disabled.

I took the Mensa test result of normal. I lost the documentation. Mensa lost the documentation. I want to take the Mensa test again to get the documentation to prove I am normal. Mensa didn’t allow to take the Mensa test again. I complained. The people at Mensa have a dumb rule. I guess Mensa changed the rule and now allows to try again to take the Mensa test.
I was in Mensa for maybe 30 years. Joined in Michigan right after high school. It was a real lifesaver because every week, there'd be something to go to, and there'd be a fair number of socially awkward people like me to be socially awkward with.

I dropped it because we left LA, and it was a lot longer to drive to get to the events. Then they started having fewer things to go to. Social organizations, in general, have taken a beating over the last couple of decades, so it isn't a surprise.

Intelligence measured on tests is only one kind of intelligence. Not even a particularly useful one. An IQ of 150 and a couple of bucks might get you coffee, but not a lot else if that's all you have. It was all I had.
? Mensa tests top 2% of IQ. The vast majority of people with normal IQ will not get into Mensa.
That's true. However, there is more than one way to test into Mensa. A LOT of different tests are accepted. I got in based on my SAT, though my PSAT and my ACT would have also gotten me in. If you manage to hit the top 2% in any of the accepted tests, you're in. That potentially opens it up to more people because you might do well on one test and poorly on another.

True. But OP is wanting to prove he has a normal IQ through getting into Mensa. That's kind of like getting a law degree from Harvard so you can prove you are capable of signing a contract...
True. But OP is wanting to prove he has a normal IQ through getting into Mensa. That's kind of like getting a law degree from Harvard so you can prove you are capable of signing a contract...
I suppose. But IMHO a high IQ proves nothing of use. It is neither praiseworthy nor is a low IQ a bar to success.

When I was young, it was what I hung my ego on. That misconception evaporated the instant I entered the real world. I joined Mensa out of ego, but I stayed because the people were friendly and I didn't feel horribly out of place. Many of the people were as socially inept as I was. Above average concentration of Aspergers there.

Besides, getting into Mensa isn't the only way to prove your IQ. Take any of the many tests Mensa allows and you get the same information.
There should be another way than to take an intelligence test. Intelligence tests are written by college graduates. College is full of crap.

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