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Microsoft Office 2016 issues...


Too WEIRD for the Weird...
Anyone else regularly use Office 2016 and have constant issues with it?

I have to use it at work and today it kept crashing on me, to the point it corrupted an important excel file.

The software suite constantly glitches and stuff on me, to the point of driving me crazy.

IT department doesn't believe me or my boss about the problems we keep reporting about it.
Thanks but IT department controls all the updating and software.
They said it was due to the one tab that has a pie chart in it.
They don't know why it is doing that, but yeah...

They have been no help because apparently my boss and I are the only two people having these issues in any real form.
Did they try to do a remote session on your computer to witness the issue you are having? This is something I always do for the software I support for my job and customers.
No... but others outside of work have also told me Office 2016 is just that buggy.
I know I can't stand using Office 2016.

Recently I learn there a product my company offers depends on Office 2013 or older. I glad my boss found out with his subscription he also have access to Office 2013. I'm not sure if it will be the same case for your office as I'm not sure what licensing model your office uses for MS software?
The last time anything like that happened to me I had to turn off the system restore function so the corrupted file was no longer retained in memory. Otherwise each time I tried to rebuild the file from scratch it would continue to show up as corrupted.

A real pain in the arse at the time until I figured it out. But it was MS Office 2000...obviously some time ago. Hope you figure it out though.
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Beware of any software with autobackups - its only there to cope with the autocrash/autocorruption.

Once a file is corrupted, it can be hard to fix. You could try exporting the data as a csv, and then opening that - though you will have to recreate any formulas, charts, automation, etc

If that's too hard, and you're sure its a particular tab, you could try deleting just that tab and recreating it.
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I find it absolutely insane that your business would hop on a new release so quickly! In fact, I have never heard of such a thing! Most tend to stick with tried-and-true software that they are certain works, usually for the exact reason you described as well as compatibility issues with existing custom applications...I have never seen anything later than Windows 7 or Office 2010, at least in the very large companies I have worked for (ironically, in the IT departments). Your IT department is either incompetent, insane, or both.

I do know of a number of issues that come with both the 2013 and 2016 versions (I use 2016 on both my Windows and Mac machines, thanks to an Office 365 subscription I get through school), but that's only from my experience on personal computers, not in any sort of enterprise environment where I have anything less than full administrative control. There are a zillion reasons why these things could be happening to you.

Long story short...not much you can do about it until the help desk gets such a high volume of calls related to this crap and lost productivity that they decide they've had enough and demand an explanation from the higherups...and still nothing is likely to happen...But I'm not surprised that you are running into so many problems.

Working in IT, I hate this kind of crap. Business needs should be considered first before going to the newest, shiniest thing that pops out of the woodworks...
I work for a very small family ran company.

We run Windows 10 as well.

Office 2016/Office 365 are supposed to have one of the highest adoption rates of Microsoft Office.

Only the two of us out of all the people have Office issues...

IT department are younger than me, except one person. They also are the software development department too.

I did fix my file by getting it to open long enough to delete the tab with the chart in it. The chart apparently corrupted. So I rebuilt the tab with a new chart and it worked fine.

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