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GDevelop Game - Earth

Discussion in 'Computers, Science & Technology' started by PlasmaticGames, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. PlasmaticGames

    PlasmaticGames Game Developer

    Jun 17, 2021
    Hello everyone

    I'm creating a top down life sim rpg with a 2D Game Engine known as GDevelop.

    Basically, the game will involve you doing anything you want, from buying a house, getting a job and settling down to doing more interesting stuff such as becoming a multimillionaire or a criminal.

    The game will be so much fun but there is a more important reason behind it. A lot of people don't realize what their next actions positive or negative reaction will be. This game aims to help people do whatever they want and then think about it before they do it in real life.

    I'm creating the graphics, code, etc. personally with occasional help from the Discord Server to advise me on any code issues I'm having but the majority of the time I figure it out even if it takes a few hours lol.

    Anyways, would anyone be interested in playing a game like this?
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  2. Varzar

    Varzar Well-Known Member V.I.P Member

    Dec 12, 2019
    Like most stories, games usually involve some sort of conflict (even if that's the player vs. themselves).
    Using Conflicts in a Story: 6 Helpful Examples | Now Novel

    What sort of conflict do you plan to have for players to overcome in the game?
    It's sort of hard to gauge interest level without knowing what struggles you might face in the game and whether overcoming those struggles is something that a person enjoys.
    For myself, I tend towards survival games usually mostly vs. nature.

    This sounds like you're going for more sim-ish? is it vs. other players? an AI? Is it about unlocking new abilities/skills/technology?
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  3. Misery

    Misery Photo-Negative V.I.P Member

    Aug 10, 2016
    Aye, as @Varzar says, you're gonna have to give more detail here if you want to get people interested.

    Like, WAY more detail. I mean, "life sim RPG" isnt exactly an uncommon genre right now. What is important are the details that make the game in question unique within the genre.

    But also, look towards other places too. This aint exactly much of a gaming forum, to put it mildly. We have a few gamers here... including myself... but not enough for there to be a dedicated "gaming" section of the forums.

    What you need is forums/sites that are really all about indie development & sharing.

    And places like Itch.io, where you can easily distribute (once you have something to show).

    Discord is fine and all but it's mostly only going to be TRULY valuable when you have a large enough following. If you're just starting out, havent released much yet (or havent released anything yet) you need something more "general" than that, and somewhere where posts dont get scrolled all over the place simply because someone made random jokes about cheese (Discord's most gigantic weakness is that it's actually just a chat program, so older comments get lost almost immediately... this actually makes it very bad for getting feedback or even just keeping things on track, and almost entirely useless for REAL bug reporting).

    For context, this is all coming from someone with some dev experience in the indie scene, and way, WAY too many years of freaking beta testing things. It's been like 2 decades since I started doing THAT... ugh.

    I'm willing to help out a bit if you'd like, with testing and all, but that's dependent on how far along the project is. If it's too early, I'm not of any use. I'm good once the core gameplay loop has been defined and implemented. If the thing in question is still in the "tech demo" phase, I cant be of much assistance. Still, feel free to ask, if you'd like.
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