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Does anyone think I'm crazy for practicing with PSI?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by UberScout, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. Martha Ferris

    Martha Ferris Seeking answers

    Jun 12, 2021
    Before one decides that what one is experiencing is metaphysical one must rule out every other possibility for the experience.

    I know what is coming from within me and what is coming from without. Everything is energy. With experience one can differentiate what is our own, that which we generate, and what is not.

    For me a metaphysical experience has a clarity that is not present in any other experience. A dream doesn't have that kind of clarity nor does a hallucination nor does my reality for that matter. I have experienced all of them so I know what they feel like.

    I have little imagination so I am unable to make things up. I am unable to pretend for the most part or if I do not for long. It's not how I am made therefore my imgination is not a reason for what I experience. I am grounded in the truth and won't accept that which isn't true no matter what I want to believe. I want the truth so I question everything including my own perceptions.

    A metaphysical experience can occur at the same time as a dream but there is a definite difference between the dream and the metaphysical experience. It's like dreams and hallucinations are grey in color and metaphysical experiences are white; a bright light. There is no confusing them. Light is energy BTW.

    Again it comes down to experience and of questioning what is really going on here not just accepting that whatever is happening that you don't understand is metaphysical. Always rule out every other reason first. That is the bottom line. What is happening and why and be determined to find the truth even it you don't like it.

    Also if one has a mental health diagnosis that includes delusions and hallucinations one must tread with caution. I have been found to be delusional solely because I believe in a higher power however my experiences extend beyond that delusion therefore one can conclude that my experiences are not a product of that delusion.

    It also helps to be tested. I have been unofficially and what I have done cannot be rationally explained. For example I was doing a healing on the elbow of my attorney. She had tendonitis. We were sitting face to face, I had both hands on either side of her elbow but not touching her. My arms and hands were suspended in the air. My head was down, my chin was on my chest and my eyes were closed. Unbeknownst to me while I was working she was slowly moving her arm and my hands followed the movement never touching her. When I was done she told what she had been doing.

    See my response to SusanLR
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  2. UberScout

    UberScout Are you there, God? ...Hello? V.I.P Member

    Apr 16, 2017
    It is things like this on this website that continue to allow me to know that AutismForums is my sanctuary.
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  3. Ovaltine Overdose

    Ovaltine Overdose Active Member V.I.P Member

    Aug 6, 2021
    I do think this is a case of incredibly well developed visual-spatial skills. Hallucinations, as a word, have a bad reputation and are generally associated with being crazy, but that isn't really true. Most people experience hallucinations in their life, mostly auditory, like hearing your name get called when it wasn't. You can also intentionally induce a hallucination if you want, basically by focusing really hard.

    So, what I think is happening is just that you have incredible levels of conscious control over your subconscious. Senses usually reside in the subconscious, but you can make them conscious (like Jungian id and ego). So this doesn't mean you're crazy, just that I think your powers are natural and not supernatural. I've always had a personal belief that 'psychic powers' are just well developed psychological principles. Mind readers are just people with uncanny good facial reading skills, etc.

    And now, I'm not saying your not experiencing something metaphysical. I think you are. I just also think that there isn't a divide between the natural and the supernatural. I think what you see can be explained through psychological means, and that they're also an expression of a metaphysical nature. It entirely depends on how you want to take it. Don't worry about whether you're crazy or not. As long as you can perform normal everyday functions, and have a separation of what you see from what is physical, then it doesn't matter. There are a lot of other people who believe way crazier stuff and are still psychologically healthy by modern standards.

    Also, this might be a terrible suggestion, but you might possibly want to consider psilocybin. It tends to help with this stuff. But you didn't hear that from me.

    TLDR; it's not madness, just psychological wizardry.
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  4. SDRSpark

    SDRSpark Well-Known Member V.I.P Member

    Aug 1, 2019
    Agree agree agree!!!!

    The difference for me is if you start confusing the hallucinations for reality. Imagining a conversation with a friend to help process things? Cool. Believing that friend is actually there and insisting later that the conversation actually happened and the friend is gaslighting you when they say they don't remember it? Not healthy at all.

    Doing math in my head for me is often times the same as doing it on paper - I visualize the figures as if I had written them. Sometimes I trace them on the desk or in the air to help me visualize. When I wasn't so out of practice at maths I did geometry in my head the same way - by visualizing the figures. (Of course this requires good working memory, too. Some days I can pull it off, other days not so much. I had much more consistent success when I was younger.)