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Does anyone out there love Christian songs?

My playlist is mostly P&W and CCM from the 1970s-1990s.
I do have, at least, one secular song from each decade of the 20th century, except the 1910s.
I now have a 1910s' entry, Spaghetti Rag by Lyons & Josco. ;)
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I like most Hymns I've heard, Christian rock is hit or miss, I don't listen to Rap, Country or anything else to enough to find anything Chistian themed to find something I like.
Though 'Rag'n'bone man - Human" is really good - whole lot of soul.
Maybe with the exception of Sea Shanties (on account of age) - but I don't think so.
Most Sea Shanties are fairly worldly or point towards polytheism and luck, In my opinion.
I mostly listen to Metal - my favorites are Sabaton, Avatar, Unleash the Archers and The Aviators (progressive rock)
Honestly Aviators aren't Metal.
I consider them progressive rock because each of their songs and albums have a theme and rock characteristics.
I don't think they're "hard" enough to be counted as metal as their MAIN genre.
They are flexible.
Some of my favorite songs by the Aviators are "Red Water Dreams" "Godhunter" "Summon the Choir" "Traveler's song" and "Black Holes"
It's been a long while since I really liked a Christian band, but I'm liking one of late called, Holyname. It's the guy that used to be in the band, Sleeping Giant. Eight string guitars but very melodic and groove based like better deftones stuff.
I used to but not any more

Because God turned me into someone I am not, tormented me for many years on my appearance and illness related weight loss and then changed it into something else, invalidates my truths, abuses me all day long because I am an empath, uses his kingdom people against me, says I am unwelcome and a child of satan, uses and abuses me when I am sick, says misogyny on me as a way to abuse me about women and says I make them feel unintelligent and incapable because they are insecure about everything and women are not as competent or intelligent or talented as men which is never something I never believed because my dad is as intelligent as me so I was like it makes no difference because I am extremely intelligent but my dad can match me so I will never think I am more intelligent than men because if my dad is that then other men are too despite my high intellect
Makes me extremely unhappy about his kingdom people when I thought they'd be nice
Makes me feel like such a reject and unwelcome it makes me sick.
Torments me no end about being myself and having online triggers
Did I say invalidates my truth?
Says I am I capable and too autistic to do or achieve anything and cannot even multitask anymore
Makes me get along with people I do not and do not want to try anymore
And I want him to stop making me because unless he stops I will really harm myself
I have may be less than 20 songs on my playlist.. Today something just came to me Shalom after some stressful days. I seeked out the song and it was so soothing to listen to.

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