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Animal Plushies (Stuffed animal toys)

This is Bieber or Pepper. She is very friendly, though she can get a bit shy.

Here she is getting ready for sleep wrapped in a warm wool blanket I knitted for her.

Edit: Pepper is a beaver in case that isn't clear. She might genuinely be the cutest plushie I have ever seen.
Surrey the Snail

A plushie puppet. I used to use her to interact with children that would not speak. Although they were wary of adults and other children, for some reason they would speak to Surrey the Snail. She could hide in her shell when she was feeling shy.
Top and face view of the Oort.

He had his own show, at my house.
He was the host and star of the quiz show:
*How many Oorts can you stuff up your nose?*

There is only one correct answer.
His name is a combination of the words 'ort' and 'oort.'
Ort because he is small, about the size of a medium potato.
Oort because of his amazing-ness.
^ Oort has nice eyelashes and does look amazing.

I don’t have my Chubble anymore, but I sure loved her. Chubbles live on love.
I can unashamedly say how I feel about these things now I know I am autistic.
They remind me of a pair of plus velvet stuffed dog slippers I had about 30 years ago, I used to cuddle them more than wear them. I used to say aaaaaaahhhhh! and rub my face in them.
As they never judged me, or never horrible to me, I used to cry, in the same way I do if someone is nice to me, after someone has scolded or been horrible to me.
I bought a squishmallow and named him Cuddles. He is a cat, and he holds a heart. Sometimes I well up when cuddling him. He comes to bed with me. He loves me. I am ok telling my autistic friends about him and also friends who understand but I don't mention him to others.
How do I wash him to keep him nice and squidgy?
Here he is.
I have a stuffed rabbit that I was required to buy for a therapy session. Some day, I hope it will be convenient to copy a prank by the Los Angeles Hysterical Society, and fill it with concrete, just to see people's reactions as they try to take it off their chair.


This is Latte, she's from the show Healin Good Precure but she's one of my best friends and I talk to her a lot and I like to hug her when I sleep because she's big and super soft to hold and I need to hold something when I sleep.

She also needs a bit of a washup, it's been a few months since I last cleaned her.
I have one of these plushies. He's Tails Miles Prower from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. Though this isn't a picture of my actual one.

He's getting a bit grubby and could do with a bath. But my girlfriend bought him for me. I had read that people who went through a lot of childhood trauma can find it therapeutic to hug a plushie when they try to sleep. He came with a little label on him that explained he was bullied as he had two tails, hence his name. So he keeps me company when I sleep and he definitely makes me feel better. :) I should give him a wash but then I might have to spend a night without him.

This little guy said he was tired of his lonely top shelf and wanted to come home with me. So I made a financial arrangement with the shop keeper and now little dragon lives with me.



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