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  1. tripleU

    Being forced to go out in a rough town

    Hello, my mom is forcing me to go out, buy things for her, go closer to god, etc. But the area is so bad, I can't describe it, It is the photons of light that hit my eyes, the weird architecture that is considered "good" by them, people who are weird, look at me, children being "satanic" as...
  2. apolloidolsice

    how do deal with my "normal complex?"

    or whatever you call it :p. I don't feel normal and I hate it. I feel defective. Especially when those advertisements talk about "normal people". I also sometimes cry over how I would've been sterilized if I lived 50 to 100 years ago, and definitely would've been bullied harder if I for example...
  3. onlything

    Do you like 8D music?

    Frankly, it sounds to me kind of like I have a musical worm moving around my brain in circles. Not sure if I grudgingly like it or if I completely despise it. Got into overload the first time I tried though, so it says something I suppose. Example: (wear headphones)
  4. C

    Diagnosed with ASD at 27...

    ...But I had problems that started in high school, and to a way lesser extent, before that. I went to a tiny religious private school for elementary school where I was generally fine, but may have been naive as to how public school worked, and I went to a public middle school where I was able to...
  5. GrownupGirl

    What's the last weird or unusual thing you've learned?

    Today I learned about a tiny little (and actually quite cute) spider that lives in Australia. It's called the peacock spider, because the male has these very colorful wing-like coverings wrapped around his abdomen, and when he sees a female spider he raises them in a fan-like shape to attract...
  6. Ameriblush

    Weird preferences about what I watch?

    I notice I don't like alot of stuff that everyone around me likes. It's hard for me to find stuff to watch these days, and it makes me feel like a stick in the mud.o_O For some reason I can't stand social commentary, satire, or anything political regarding fiction, and I can't laugh at sarcasm...
  7. Dave McBug Eyes

    Dave McBug Eyes

    (The eyes are made of a ping-pong ball cut in two) :P
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