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  1. Billthecat

    Autistic ear for music

    As it could be easy everyone got different tastes, not all the version of the same song from the same musician are playing the same. Does it happens to someone to don't like a song you love because isn't played with the exact metrics in your "head"? Do you like live performances or studio...
  2. savi83

    Amateur/Ham Radio

    Hi everybody, I have been thinking of getting into Amateur/Ham Radio for a while now. I'm not really into the social side of the hobby but have a great interest in the technical side. Once you get to certain level you are able to build circuits to transmit/receive voice/data. Has anyone on...
  3. U

    Starting an online radio station and would love your feedback!

    Greetings everyone. I am starting an online radio station and I would love for you guys to give me feedback and perhaps help me promote it. I believe that good music creates good for society, but I have to start somewhere in building an audience. I hope they don’t think that this is spam or...
  4. some/aspies/need/hugs/13

    Ham Radio

    I am a ham radio operator and one of the things that I find amazing is all the technology, in even the microphone much less the radio. also I have a general class license and I find it a lot easier to talk with people when you don't have to be face to face. for some I think ham radio is a hobby...
  5. DesertRose

    Radio waves and things we can't hear normally

    The whole idea of how they discovered radio waves is very interesting. It makes me wonder sometimes if tinnitis is (its not, I don't think) actually radio waves too high to actually hear. I also wonder if there are more out there we haven't discovered yet. And, for instance, if every voice and...
  6. StephF

    Training NT's

    I am a member of my amateur radio club (radio hams) and I do most of the training. It isn't always easy to put across complex technical matters to NT's because a lot of the time they don't quite get me, having said that I have a good pass rate so I guess I must be doing something right. I find...
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