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  1. SugarPlumFairy

    Corpus linguistics, anyone?

    If you had to conduct a corpus research on language use of native speakers of English, which phenomenon would you be interested in? The tools, you can use are: 1. frequency (the number of actual occurrences of a particular lexical item in the corpus, e.g. the frequency of the word "literally"...
  2. M

    Ill-advised reasons to learn a language other than English

    This would have been a thread in a club on Asperclick, but that site has closed. English being the most common lingua-franca in the world doesn't stop learning languages other than English being popular and doesn't even stop governments of all English-speaking from requiring schoolchildren to...
  3. Lundi

    Strange or non-standard use of language in ASD

    I was told quite often whilst attending meetups that my use of language is odd or "off" compared to a normal person. In worst-case scenarios people just call me "autistic" like an insult. But it is because I refuse to use contractions and other things when speaking English. I also use strange...
  4. BlueSky Aozora

    Started learning the local language

    My spouse relocated to my country. We have at least three languages used here; I repeat, THREE LANGUAGES!! English for work (we are not from English-speaking countries), Another local language for communication with the locals, And another foreign language for religious culture purpose...
  5. Ylva

    Reading things you don't understand

    Am I the only one who likes reading text I don't understand? I don't mean simply difficult text that is technical or above my reading level. I mean text in languages I don't know and alphabets I can barely decipher. In fact, when I start to understand what I'm reading, it starts getting less...
  6. Otenba

    Are you multilingual?

    Are you multilingual? What languages are you fluent in already? Have you started studying any new languages? How well do you think you're getting on with learning them? I decided to take up learning another language properly originally in preparation for a holiday abroad, and after that, I've...
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