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  1. jane_doe

    sensory issues with brushing your hair?

    does anyone else have sensory issues with things touching your scalp, like its just really overwhelming
  2. nervous habits

    Obsessively pulling at my split ends.

    I used to style my hair with heat, wash with sulfates and nasty things, rip it to shreds towel drying it, ALL daily. I have since stopped using heat completely, wash with friendlier ingredients a few times a week, condition my hair daily, and take my vitamins. One thing I cannot conquer is...
  3. Joshua the Writer

    Discomfort With Body Hair (Bullet List Followed By Rant)

    Okay, so, I really hate having body hair. Here is why: It's uncomfortable and itchy. It just traps sweat (especially in the private areas of my body). It gets all greasy because it traps skin oils, as well. Not to mention how it feels when some clothes are up against it. Butt hair (especially...
  4. M


    Have recently begun to use baking soda dissolved in water, to wash my hair. Rinsing with diluted apple cider vinegar and then occasionally tea tree or lavender oil on the ends. Has anyone done this? Stopped using shampoo? It seems to work well, and originally began to experiment with this...
  5. saskinakki

    Hair pulling?

    Hello I have been diagnosed with asperger's about half a year ago and I was wondering if there were other hair pullers (trichsters) here? I have read somewhere that trichotillomania and asperger's might somehow be linked but I don't know. Any information on this would be appericated :)
  6. Rocco

    Has your hair changed color naturally?

    Has your hair ever naturally changed its color? I am somewhat weirded out that my hair recently changed its color. When I was a child I had (o_Oa fever) platinum blond hair. Like white with yellow tint. Then puberty started and my hair changed to sandy blond and eventually brown. Now, at 34 it's...
  7. Rocco

    Best place to donate hair for cancer patients?

    I lost one of my favorite human beings in May of this year to cancer. I have heard of donating long natural hair to places that fashion wigs for cancer patients. Has anyone else heard of this? I have started to grow my hair out since the loss and My goal is to grow my hair out really long and...
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