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fidget toys

  1. fern_77

    mom and brother wouldn't stop playing with my stim toys

    yesterday when i was doing the dishwasher, i noticed that my mom and brother were playing with my stim toys that i had left on the kitchen table. i was nervous about asking them to stop playing with them, because i knew my mom would give me a hard time about it, but i asked anyway. i don't...
  2. Caelix3


    I collect squishies and they're amazing. I use them as a stim toy and fidget toy. They're basically like a stress ball, but softer and sometimes scented! How I can describe what it feels like to squish a squishy, is it is like squishing a marshmellow. Without the stickiness. You can get...
  3. Caelix3

    Cube Spinner?!

    Hey everyone, long time no see. Sorry for the long absence. I just found out that there is such thing as a Cube Spinner! Honestly they look cooler than the Fidget spinners. Does anyone have one? Have you heard of these? I'm thinking of getting one.
  4. Questella

    Fidget Toys in Stores

    So I was out shopping yesterday and it was so crazy. I saw a huuuge table of the fidget toys, it as like 9' round table with at least a few inches high wall around it to to hold items. Full of the fidget toys. I couldn't even try to get close to it to, there were just dozens of people crammed...
  5. Lady Penelope

    Fidget spinner controversy

    Www.livescience.com/58916-fidget-spinner-faq.html Just read this online. Coincidentally, just purchased one online prior to reading article. I haven't seen them around and thought they looked cool and helpful for relieving fidgeting. I'm not in school so can't comment on their distraction...
  6. Caelix3

    Clicking, fidget, and stimming

    What do you use to fidget or stim with that makes a clicking sound? I usually use a pen or my prince frog figurine. The prince frog figurine opens up and closes with a magnet, making a clicking sound. I just ordered a fidget cube and 3 klixx. The klixx makes a clicking sound and the fidget...
  7. Caelix3

    Fidget Cube

    Has anyone tried a Fidget Cube and does it work pretty well? I've been thinking of getting one, as I think it would be a good thing to fidget with. It could probably be even used for stimming too. Fidget Cube A video showing a fake one vs the real one. The video above ^ shows the features.
  8. Nemo

    Fidgets/Coping Mechanisms

    Hi, When I get anxious or hyper focused, I bite my nails/inside of my mouth. Both are unsightly and biting my lip can cause cancer. I desperately want to stop. Does anyone have any insights/recommended fidgets? I'm on a budget here and would like it to be discreet though as I go to a mainstream...
  9. Coupe

    Getting defensive/embarrassed when asked about stim toys?

    Is it normal to get defensive when someone asks you about the stim toys you use? Not just when they're being disparaging and condescending about it, but also when they're just genuinely curious? I tend to get this way mostly when people ask me about the chewable silicone pendants I wear...my...
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